Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Salut, tout le monde!

I'm in Nice and have a few hours to kill before my flight home.
Had a great time, and very useful; was scary how much french I'd forgotten at the beginning, but it's come back slowly, and yesterday 2 different people thought I was french until I told them I was english, so that was nice :) Arrived in Bordeaux, then went to a vineyard near bergerac (was super cheap because I knew them kind of) with a swimming pool, then carcassonne, nimes, marseille and then here. Been good fun, but looking forward to coming home.

All this fun-having hasn't been cheap though, total cost for france and spain is ~£1300. eek! So, onto the poker...

Deposited $1400 onto absolute just before I left to take advantage of a special deposit bonus they offered me (70$ free, 420$ bonus, VIP freeroll invitational and entry to the weekly $70k worth $170) which i'm not going to withdraw quite yet. My plan is to play a TON of sngs for a week or 2. I'll be 4-6 tabling 30/40$ games. Mostly 9 and 6-man, but a few multitable sngs too. I have about 2k$ at absolute, so am rolled to play higher, but am going to be cautious, partly because I haven't done all that much 3+tabling (never more than 4 or 5, so we'll have to see how it goes) but also because I think I've realised I need to be overrolled in games to feel confortable. 10 games minimum a day, but really aiming for 20+. So if I can maintain a modest ROI of 10-15%, plus the 15-20$ of bonus I'll clear, that should be an average of ~$100 a day. I'll also be getting rakeback, at 30%. I'll still be playing some mtts too.

So yeah, sngs for a week or two, and then once I've made $500+/cleared a decent amount of the bonus, I'll use my jugdement to decide when to...

Withdraw about $1500 from Absolute and set up an account with fulltilt or pokerstars(any comments on which is better are welcome...) Mainly there for the the mtts, no site I play on offers a decent mtt schedule. It'll be a big change, with 2000+ fields in most tournaments, so I expect the variance is much higher. At pacific I was happy playing mtts that cost a 20th of my bankroll because they were just large sngs really. But I'll be starting with 10$ tourneys (ie. a 150th of my bankroll there) and see how things go. Both of the sites have 180man sngs if I don't fancy massive fields at some point, and I've heard good things about them. I'll continue to play sngs at AP too, until the bonus is cleared/expires.

So thats my grand scheme! Mainly its geared towards playing more mtts, and bigger ones hopefully. I think I could be a fairly good mtt player but with so few of them to play I don't get as much practise as I need. Ideally I'd just like to make back the $2500 I spent on travelling by the time I go to uni in mid-september. Should be fairly doable - I start tomorrow.

Also reading a few blogs has inspired me to get better at cash games...so if I have the time/can be bothered I might try 4-6 tabling 10$ or 25$NL. Meh, I'll see.

Congrats to PFUers, been some great successes whilst I've been away! Idi0 winning an 888.com uk open seat, peeko the poker idol seat (possibly will be the uk open aswell) and a string of $1-4K cashes. Well done all!

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