Sunday, 22 July 2007

Day 4

Ewww. Stayed up late playing the 60k, $150 at absolute after I got a free seat as part of a bonus. Didn't start well, had to fold TT on a 4667 board in a big pot. Nothing much happened until I got KK, raised 1 caller, he open pushes with the flush draw and hits.

Meanwhile in a small 25$ mtt I'm playing I have a massive stack, up to 10x starting stack within the 1st hour, more than double 2nd in chips - down to last 20 from 50 (top 10 pay). Somehow, I bubbled. Lost 3 big pots to the same guy within a space of about 10 hands:
6 handed, blinds 150/300. I have 22k.
1) I raise in mp with 7c5c. BB (with 4k) calls.
Flop comes: 862, 1 club.
He checks, I bet 1200, he shoves i call. He has J8o and I brick.

2) Blinds 200/400
I have 16k, the same villain has 7k.
I have KTo on button, villain limps utg, I limp, blinds complete/check.

Flop 79T(r)
blinds check, villain shoves (he may even have held up a little sign saying 'i have an 8' - I cant quite remember...)
I call, he flips A8o and rivers a J.

3) Both me and the same villain have about 13k.
Villain in sb, me in bb. Button limps, villain min riases, I call with Qc7c, button calls.

Flop comes 7xJc2c.
Villain leads for 1200, I raise to 4k, button folds villain pushes I call. He flips aces, I brick.

I think Im happy with the way I played them, got my money in ahead the 2nd and 3rd times and had the odds on the first. Still sucks when you cant catch a 15 outer or dodge a 12 outer against the same guy though. Also, the villain plays each hand horribly. At least I have the moral victory.

I'd rather the money though.

Daily total: 68

Time(hrs): 3

Old Online Bankroll: $1974.5

New OnlineBankroll: $2042.5

Total since 01/03/07: $15265.5

Total time(hrs): 400

Total $/hr: $38

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Day 3

Fairly mediocre day today. Was going to stop and record a small loss, but decided to play 1 more sng and won it, so a small win instead. I don't feel like im playing at my best, feel restless and distracted. When i get back and have some proper time to put some hours in, and get a laptop to play on, all will be well.

Played a home game with some friends and had a nice time, haven't seen them for ages. Bust out first though, trying to bluff our LAG friend off an ace (He basically told me he had an ace as he called the turn bet) on a k4kk6 board. Apperently raising preflop and betting every street wasnt enough to deter him ;)

Daily total: 76
Time(hrs): 3.5
Old Online Bankroll: $1898.5
New OnlineBankroll: $1974.5

Total since 01/03/07: $15197.5
Total time(hrs): 397
Total $/hr: $38

Friday, 20 July 2007

Day 2

Good start today, winning 4 HU games in a row, but then had a string of cruel cruel 3 outers on the river to push me down to -$27 for the day. Variance sucks.

Daily total: 255
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $1643.5
New OnlineBankroll: $1898.5
Total since 01/03/07: $15121.5
Total time(hrs): 393.5
Total $/hr: $38.5

Not playing much lately, lots of stuff to do for holidays and such. Got a VIP freeroll to play at AP tonight so hopefully I'll make something back then.

Edit: didnt cash in the freeroll, but came 2nd in a small 25$ mtt for $282. Back in the black! (and back over the $15k mark...)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Day one

Meh, my return to poker didnt go well, ending up bubbling 4 sngs and busting out of 2 mtts early. Then entered a 2.5$ sng by accident and played like a maniac, and of course took it down for a whopping $8.5, lol.

Playing on a mac because of my broken computer, and its terrible, disconnections every 3 hands, and very difficult to navigate. Plus I was trying to book airline tickets, finding out how the WSOP ME ended and watching HSP series 2 which i just downloaded at the same time too, so I probably wasnt playing at my best... Tomorrow will be better.

Daily total: -156.5
Time(hrs): 3

Old Online Bankroll: $1800
New OnlineBankroll: $1643.5

Total since 01/03/07: $14893.5
Total time(hrs): 388
Total $/hr: $38

1st Post!

Hello, finally got around to making myself a poker blog. Mainly doing it because I love talking about poker, and I think I've bored everyone I know to death - while corpses make good listeners, the smell puts me off.

I'm an 18 yr old student on my gap year living in bristol, england. I learnt how to play texas holdem about a year ago, and started playing seriously the beginning of march this year, so all records I put here will be from then - 01/03/07. Since I'm on a gap year and too lazy to get a job I have lots of time (and incentive - i need money) to play - I play pretty much fulltime. Though having said that, I've been on holiday the past month in sunny spain, and am going away for a few more weeks soon, so not much playing recently.

My computer's exploded (hopefully temporarily) so no exact records, but here are some approximates...

Daily total: -
Time: -

Old Online Bankroll: $1800
New OnlineBankroll: $1800

Total since 01/03/07: $15,050
Total time: 385
Total $/hr: $39

I play mtts and sngs, buyins ranging from $30-50 usually. I suck badly at cash. As you can see my bankroll doesn't really reflect the amount I've won, but I've had to withdraw lots for holidays/expenses. Hoping to start actually building the bankroll, and to move to just 1 or 2 sites, my whole bankroll is spread over 4 sites, which means at the moment im not really rolled at any 1 site for the games I want to play.

Well thats about it. Off to play some all-in fests at pacific.