Friday, 21 September 2007

Days 36-38

Well, off to uni tomorrow! Going ooop north to sheffield. Looking forward to it, had a fairly quiet gap year, so it'll be nice to be busy again. Probably wont be playing much poker for a while though, so probably wont be many updates for a little while. Seems like a lively poker scene in sheffield though, so I'll probably be playing more live, which is good as I've been meaning to improve my live game anyway (reads, etc)

Deposited on stars, and played some of the 180man sngs, (12$ turbos and $4.5 non-turbos) and some mtts. Lots more choice which is nice. Came 5th in a $12 turbo, cashed in one of the bigger $55 mtts, had a decent stack but made a silly move just before the bubble leaving me low. I think that hand made me realise a big leak of mine - making too many moves. Every hand I'm thinking 'how can I win this hand?' That's all very well and good, but it kind of blinds me sometimes when I obviously cant win. It's like I'm trying to get too fancy, thinking 'oh he's playing this board like he has the trips so obviously he must be bluffing' - sometimes I need to play a bit more simply.

Had a nice 400$ mtt score a few days ago, but had a bad sng day so was breakeven really. Then had another bad sng day (looks like my upswing is over!) and lost ~$250. Had a ok few hours last night, booking a small win which was nice seeing as it'll be the last poker I play in a while. New BR updated with +$1200 I've put on stars. Have to deposit in $600 chunks which is kinda annoying, but oh well.

So...I'll update in a while. Adios.

Sngs: 25
total: -34.5
Time(hrs): 13.5
Old Online Bankroll: $3253.5
New Online Bankroll: $4419
Total since 01/03/07: $20295
Total time(hrs): 548.5
Total $/hr: $37

Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 34+35

Good days, made back most of what I donked off playing cash, and only played 7 sngs. woo.

Entered an mtt 10 mins before it started last night, and fell asleep before it began! So that was a watse of 22$. Oh well, falling asleep probably saved me money in the long run - I was (obviously) tired and was thinking of playing the $162 75k at AP, so probably would've lost more than $22!

Got around to withdrawing money from AP, some for stars and some for my bank - the £700 I deposited a few months ago. Got about $3k to put on stars (decide on stars as they seem to have a decent range and they take moneybookers which is what I use for ap). Just looking at my stats and my mtt roi has nearly fallen below my sng roi which is silly...and makes me think about whether withdrawing over 2/3 of my AP bankroll used for sngs to be used soley for mtts is a good idea... I think it is though, I know my mtt game is decent, and with so much extra choice I'll be able to play mtts that are more suited to me instead of weird ones that I play cos they're all that's available.
Withdrew now partly because of the scandels at AP at the moment...seems more real than any other rigging/conspiracy thing that has happened before. It doesnt really affect me directly, (not to say it wouldn't be bad for online poker in general) but just in case it all goes crazy and AP goes bust or something I decided I'd feel more comfortable if I didnt have my entire roll there. And anyway, I've been meaning to for ages, its about time I got around to it.

New BR includes the $4500 withdrawal from AP.

Sngs: 7
total: 509
Time(hrs): 3
Old Online Bankroll: $7244.5
New Online Bankroll: $3253.5
Total since 01/03/07: $20329.5
Total time(hrs): 535
Total $/hr: $38

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Day 33

Man I REALLY need to stop playing cash games. Like, forever. Or at least until I have a serious head shift - it seems the moment I open up a cash table I go on crazy monkey tilt and spew chips in every direction. Of course when you're 5 tabling with $200 on each, the spews add up pretty quicky ... Not a good day. So yeah, pretty disapointed in myself really.

I think basically it feels too much like gambling. I would never be able to gamble 'casually' - I'm fairly certain I have/would have some sort of gambling problem, but it's like alcoholics who never drink, I know its there, so I will never gamble. Period. And while I know I can win at cash games (and thats not a gamble) seeing actual money there on the table still feels like blackjack or something. Even when I win, I'm tilting - not just in the way I play but in how I feel; it's just not good for me at the moment.

Played some sngs and mtts this evening and dropped ~100 on them. meh.

Perhaps dropping below 20K again will serve as a reminder not to waste my hard earned dollars. *sniff*

Sngs: 17
total: -623
Time(hrs): 5
Old Online Bankroll: $7867.5
New Online Bankroll: $7244.5
Total since 01/03/07: $19820.5
Total time(hrs): 532
Total $/hr: $37.3

Friday, 14 September 2007

Day 31+32

2 very small wins, yesterday played quite a lot, and had a nice run at the end to save me from a moderate loss, and today just played a few.

Probably not going to have time to play a great deal more this month what with sorting out stuff and then going to uni.

Watching WSOPE live, tv table has negreanu, antonius and hansen all with big stacks! Great to watch.

Sngs: 24
total: 70
Time(hrs): 10.5
Old Online Bankroll: $7797.5
New Online Bankroll: $7867.5
Total since 01/03/07: $20443.5
Total time(hrs): 527
Total $/hr: $38.8

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Day 30 - w00t! - update

Well, I'm pretty chuffed - I've made it to $20k total profit! Wooo! Not bad in ~4 months of playing.

Another great day for sngs, running crazily good in them at the moment. Had big stacks in 2 mtts, bubbled one, was chippo in the other, then lost KK < QTo and AK < AQ in MASSIVE pots, then shoved AJ and ran into QQ, and of course, failed to suckout. So that was pretty sickening. Also played a few turbo donkaments yesterday, but that was it, so I'll just add that to today.

sng mission so far (all stats since 09/08/07):
Played: 340
Result: +$3740
ROI: 28.9% (not including bonus and rakeback)
Bonus: $350
Rakeback: tbc. (probably ~$350)

Sweeeeet! More than doubled my sng total in this set of 100 games. Probably partly to do with moving up to the 65+6 games and I rarely play the 30s anymore - thankfully my roi hasn't suffered (yet)

Played: 81
Result: $990.5
ROI: 41.%

Meh. Should've had at least one decent score tonight.

Total profit: $5248.5 (including some rakeback...)
Total hours played: 116
$/hr: $45.3

So a very good 1/2 month. Played lots which helps, but can't deny I've been running super good! I've now got enough of a BR to take out the 1400$ I deposited a month or so back, and move a chunk over to stars/fulltilt (when will i decide?!?!) and still have a decent roll at AP. BOOM!

Sngs today: 22
total: 648.5
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $7149
New Online Bankroll: $7797.5
Total since 01/03/07: $20373.5
Total time(hrs): 516.5
Total $/hr: $39.4

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Day 29 - Evening

Woooo! Officially my best day since I got back from France. over $900 in sngs, and just ended with a $700 mtt score which actually only brings the mtt total to $250, but still!

I am super confused with my stats though due to me losing those days. I think my actual BR is $115 less than what these stat say because I forgot to take of the cash game loss a few days ago... basically I'll add the $$ to the totals, but count up the BR manually, so they may not match up exactly.

Oh and $75 worth of bonus added from the last few days.

Sngs 27-29: 53
total: 1250
Time(hrs): 23
Old Online Bankroll: ?
New Online Bankroll: $7149
Total since 01/03/07: $19725
Total time(hrs): 511
Total $/hr: $38.6

So close to 20k total!

Friday, 7 September 2007

day 27,28,29...

Was a pretty crazy day on day 27 (whenever that was...losing track of things) probably played for like 15 hours (not joking). Played a 9.5hr session, mostly 4+ tabling, in the evening/night with 1 10 minute break. Pretty intense! Also lost my records for the last 2 days, which makes it hard to work out what happened! Basically, I think I was down $300 on sng during the day, then made it back with mtts in the night...had a $365 result. meh, not sure...have a nagging feeling my rakeback has been credited and thats why my account is looking healthier than expected! In which case i'm even on the last 2 days, not up 200.

Today is going good, up ~$300 so far, though i've spent $100 on sats to a $96 tourney which is extremely frustrating!

Yesterday I played a live tournament. It was nice to not play online, needed a break after the crazy few days, had burnt myself out a bit. Was a deepstack game, ~30 runners, 10k starting stack, 30min levels starting at 25-50. £30 buyin. Real good fun, a refreshingly good structure from what I'm used to live, and allowed for a lot of play.
Started off well, taking a few mediumish pots, (including a checkraise bluff and a very sexy bluff in a big pot against the chippo who was play very laggy) Built my stack up to 20k in the first few hours. Then there was a dead patch for ~an hour. Then got AA,AK and AK in a row. Won a small pot with the aa, lost a big pot with the ak and won the blinds with the 2nd ak. BOO! So that sucked a bit, then lost a few small pots, and was down to 15k, with blinds at 400/800. Then they said in just over an hour there would be a break for 90mins, and I decided i didnt want to be hanging around for ages with a small stack and then bust just after the break, so decided to gamble alittle for the big stack/bust option. Started off badly, losing a flip AT<88, bringing me down to 7k. Few hands later, with blinds at 600/1200 im in the bb with 9d4d, 3 limpers. I check, flop comes 3d8xJd. I'm 1st to act, I shove for 5k into the 5k pot. Button calls with kjo, turn is Kd (hooray!) river is a j (boo!). Still, happy with the play, I have fold equity and if I get called I'm getting 2:1 - ie, even money, and since I'm gambling for a big stack then I'll happily take an even money shot.
Happy with my play overall, twice I bluffed when I knew I shouldn't and got punished, but nothing major. Felt like I had very good reads of the whole table and could play accordingly, was a bit of a revelation actually. Don't get much chance for in-depth reads when 6-tabling sngs! But had some very precise information which was very useful. It's amazing how much people are willing to give away about their game totally willingly...had one old geezer who won the first pot with quad 4s...holding 43o after limping utg! In a later hand he won with a straight, on the turn he had the OESD and after the hand was over he said, 'I would've called any bet on the turn, you bet 1k and I call [into the 400 pot]' Sure enough he stationed his way out pretty fast :) Anyway, mucho fun, hope to do it again sometime.

I'll do my stats later, probably will play some more tonight.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Day 26

Donked off $115 last night playing cash. I was tired/bored/tilting, bluffing off $50 twice when I knew it wouldnt work...was watching the episode of HSP where they pay Mike matusow $4000 to stay, and he bluffs off $115k within the next few hours - felt like him!

On the upside, today went well, I remembered to check the rakeback, and added that to last month, and my stats chart is looking happy. Seriously, rakeback and bonus rock. Nearly $500 free money last month, and only played 20 days. $6k free a year! Up $800 on the month already, over $3.3k since my sng mission started, and my roi is at 24.5%. I'm a happy bunny.

Sngs today: 8
Daily total: 283
Time(hrs): 3
Old Online Bankroll: $5737
New Online Bankroll: $6020
Total since 01/03/07: $18475
Total time(hrs): 488
Total $/hr: $37.9

EDIT: played for a few hours tonight, got murdered at the sngs. Loads of beats, didnt play particularly well. Luckily I won a donkament for $450 so I'm up ~$220 on the evening. Just sitting on a .5/1$ table with some PFU members, congrats to aaron and cottlad, both raking in nice mtt wins today!

EDIT 2 Ended up playing for a few hours. Was playing hyper LAG as was only playing the 1 table, and was getting bored despite the great table banter. Quickly dropped a buyin in several medium pots, and realised trying to play every pot and outplay my fellow forumites is silly, since they're all good, solid players, so I used my image, and got paid off, doubling with KK vs 89 on a 9 high flop. Nothing major happened, won a decent pot and then got disconnected, but it was finishing anyway. Good fun! Up $75, ~$300 total for the evening. Will add it to tomorrow's results, am too lazy.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Day 25

Another good day, though it could have easily been a bad day... Started off well, being up ~$150 after an hour. Then played for another hour or two and broke even. Then had lunch and played a bunch of games, including 2 $65+6s. Was looking bleak as I busted out of all them except 2, but I managed to win the last 2, a luckily they were a 40$ and a 65$ game, so those 2 results were worth over $400. Would've been quite different if I'd won 2 $20 games and lost the rest! Bust out of the other $65 game in brutal fashion - KK < K9s and lost a TON of flips in a row, which wasn't great. But hey, I'd take today's result everyday happily.

Oh and I played a $10 PLO sng too, was madness. 3 people allin on first hand! I can see why people say there's lots of money to be made in that game...I just need to learn how to play it and I'll be set.

Sngs today: 17
Daily total: 315
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $5422
New Online Bankroll: $5737
Total since 01/03/07: $18192
Total time(hrs): 485
Total $/hr: $37.5

Monday, 3 September 2007

Day 24

Went camping over the weekend in the gower, which was lovely...until I woke up on the first morning with the flu :( FLU-urns! So we came home early. That was sad. Felt terrible yesterday, but feeling a bit better today. Even managed to play a bit of pokey ;)

Decided to play lower buy-in games incase I sucked due to flu. Turns out being ill makes me a poker supergenius. Several classic hands, my favourite being cracking aces with my 23o (not AIPF, though that would have taken the biscuit), though there was one where some guy thought his A8o was good enough to call a rerereraise allin after min raising utg. My aces held-yay! So yeah, ran good overall, a few unlucky hands, but I played 11, cashed in 7 and won 3, so I'm not complaining.

Sngs today: 11
Daily total: 253
Time(hrs): 4
Old Online Bankroll: $5169
New Online Bankroll: $5422
Total since 01/03/07: $17877
Total time(hrs): 479.5
Total $/hr: $37.3

The last 6 days have been swingy: -178,+441,+397,-282,+343,+258. But hey, thats nearly +$1000 in the last 6 days playing. Still, I'd probably rather a steady $150 a day. Bit less stressful on the nerves!