Sunday, 22 July 2007

Day 4

Ewww. Stayed up late playing the 60k, $150 at absolute after I got a free seat as part of a bonus. Didn't start well, had to fold TT on a 4667 board in a big pot. Nothing much happened until I got KK, raised 1 caller, he open pushes with the flush draw and hits.

Meanwhile in a small 25$ mtt I'm playing I have a massive stack, up to 10x starting stack within the 1st hour, more than double 2nd in chips - down to last 20 from 50 (top 10 pay). Somehow, I bubbled. Lost 3 big pots to the same guy within a space of about 10 hands:
6 handed, blinds 150/300. I have 22k.
1) I raise in mp with 7c5c. BB (with 4k) calls.
Flop comes: 862, 1 club.
He checks, I bet 1200, he shoves i call. He has J8o and I brick.

2) Blinds 200/400
I have 16k, the same villain has 7k.
I have KTo on button, villain limps utg, I limp, blinds complete/check.

Flop 79T(r)
blinds check, villain shoves (he may even have held up a little sign saying 'i have an 8' - I cant quite remember...)
I call, he flips A8o and rivers a J.

3) Both me and the same villain have about 13k.
Villain in sb, me in bb. Button limps, villain min riases, I call with Qc7c, button calls.

Flop comes 7xJc2c.
Villain leads for 1200, I raise to 4k, button folds villain pushes I call. He flips aces, I brick.

I think Im happy with the way I played them, got my money in ahead the 2nd and 3rd times and had the odds on the first. Still sucks when you cant catch a 15 outer or dodge a 12 outer against the same guy though. Also, the villain plays each hand horribly. At least I have the moral victory.

I'd rather the money though.

Daily total: 68

Time(hrs): 3

Old Online Bankroll: $1974.5

New OnlineBankroll: $2042.5

Total since 01/03/07: $15265.5

Total time(hrs): 400

Total $/hr: $38

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