Monday, 20 August 2007

Bootcamp report/Day 13

What bootcamp report? you ask. I'll tell you.

Played a satellite to the bootcamp, down to final 4, 3 seats paid, I lose AIPF with AKs vs A5. BOOOOO! Was gutted, $1500 package, 'twas brutal. However, an amazingly generous forum memeber gave me their seat as they couldn't go - (thanks again dave!) It was at the hilton (I got free accommodation, yay) so lots of fancy free stuff to steal. The bootcamp itself...I enjoyed it, but I didn't learn anything. Well, a few things about live tells, and how to calculate my confidence interval, but thats about it. I think it was too simplistic for more experienced/advanced players, but it seemed alittle too advanced for beginners. But hey, what am I complaining about, I didn't pay a penny! And I had a good time.

Bust out early from the $2000 seat freeroll(ie winner takes all) they held, with AK vs KT, he hit 2 pair. 'He' called a 3xbb raise from utg, then I reraised, and got a caller. Original raiser folded, and 'he' called. With KT. Was he listening at all to the lectures during the day?!?! There was one specifically on position and how calling big bets OOP is a big leak. Surprise surprise, he went on to win the whole thing. 3 handed it was Mr. donkeyfish and 2 other good players I know and respect. But what's skill in the face of classless luck? Twice HU 'he' caught a miracle river (once calling an allin with 86) Was sickening. He later said he thought he played 'really well'. Guess you just can't teach some people anything.

Maybe I learnt lots without realising anyway, because I had my 2nd best day (since i started the sng mission 10 days ago) and played the 2nd least amount of sngs, despite being rivered with 2 and 3 outers several times at crucial points.

Sngs today: 17
Daily total: 116
Time(hrs): 7
Old Online Bankroll: $4833.5
New OnlineBankroll: $4949.5
Total since 01/03/07: $16772.5
Total time(hrs): 442.5
Total $/hr: $37.9

EDIT: OH MAN I SUCK SO BADLY. 8 sngs and 3 mtts later with only 1 cash and 3/4 of my winnings are gone. Dear god, how the hell did that happen? I BOOOOOOurned my money.


Cottlad said...

Nice read cheesies. Glad you enjoyed bootcamp. Didn't think there would be a massive ammount to learn TBH for the more advanced players such as yourself. Shame you couldn't nail that seat.
Keep up the good work matey.
Must update my blog..... gettin lazy..... again!

Cheesies said...

Thanks mate. I don't consider myself a particularly good player, but my theoretical knowledge of poker is quite good, so really the way I'm going to get better is simply by playing - the concepts taught at bootcamp where ones I'd come across before. But yeah, had a great time, and thats what matters.
yeah, get that blog updated!!

CasinoRick said...

Thats a really nice article mate.

Thanks for putting me down in it!

The problem with being the winner is that everyone pulls you up on the suckouts you hit against them, and doesn't notice when you make great plays or get sucked out on yourself.

I actually don't recall holding KT and busting you out, but I do remember folding good cards to your mates constant all-ins on the final table. before getting fed up and just taking my 2-1 underdog shot with any two.

I was just making a stand, and rightly or wrongly my luck held up and I went on to win.

Anyone who says luck has nothing to do with Poker is talking out of their backside. Luck is a major factor, which is why its worth taking a risk on occasion at the expense of being called a donkey.

Having said that I resent the fact you think I won on luck alone, was it luck that I knew that everyone was trying it on from late pos with those silly and obvious "squeeze" plays just because they wanted to try them out? It was obvious that the topics/tricks covered that day would appear on the table, and I tried to take advantage of that, that made some of my plays look silly (Unconventional). But what did Padraig say about "Thinking outside of the box?"

If I ever called OOP it was because I had spotted the players trying it on from late because the instructor had told them to "always raise from the button" So if I had a reasonable hand I was going to take a look at a flop. I can't help flopping two pair (if that's what I did) In fact I think the guy that folded was my target and I actually ended up in the pot with you.

I'm seriously disappointed, because I gave all of my opponents respect, and from certain people all I got was insults from them. I went to shake hands with those guys you "respect" and they told me I didn't deserve to win. I thought that was unpleasant and unsporting.

Imagine how you'd feel if all that ever got a mention were your bad plays, nothing about the checked raised sets, correct folds, or calling the bluffs correctly. No, all that is focussed upon is your bad plays.

Nice way to treat a guy who had just won his first live Tourney.

Good luck to you mate I hope you do well, and I hope you enjoy Uni.

I thought you were a really nice guy that deserved to be a winner, Its a shame you can't cut me the same slack, you obviously don't think much of me.

Occasionally I'm a donkey but first and foremost I'm a human being, I can take it on the chin but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.