Thursday, 16 August 2007

Day 12 - 1st week summary

Had a good start, up $200 in 2 hours. Then it all went down hill and I had 7/8 sngs in a row with only 1 cash. BOOOOurns. Made a little with a small mtt cash. Reached 100 sngs today since I got back from france (on 119) and if i'd stopped this morning would've had an ROI of about 18%, but now it's ~11.5%, I need to enter some numbers to get the exact %. Still, happy with that, read a post from the 2+2 forums saying...

"...a very good player could probably expect to have the following ROIs:
$3.40s - 18%
$6s - 16%
$16s - 14%
$27s - 12%
$60s - 10%
$114s - 8%
$225s - 6%
$335s+ - 4%

...These are based on Stars turbos. If you play a non-turbo structure, generally your ROI might increase a few points (due to the slower structure), but at the expense of your hourly rate (again, due to the slower structure)..."

So a longterm ROI of 10-12% would be great if I can maintain it. 117 sngs isnt much of a sample size by any means, so we'll see. A 40+4 sng is also worth 1$ of bonus and ~$1.3 of rakeback, which is nearly 6% roi in itself, so just breaking even wouldn't be bad.

So... sng mission so far (all stats since 09/08/07):
Played: 119
Result: +$464.5
ROI: ~11.5% (not including bonus and rakeback)
Bonus: $100
Rakeback: tbc. (probably ~$100)

So on track pretty much.

Played: 19
Result: $821.5
ROI: 163.79% (sustainable?!)

Total profit: $1386 (+rakeback)
Total hours played: 35
$/hr: $40.5

So passed the 1/2 way mark to making back my holiday spending. Yay!

Sngs today: 20
Daily total: -34
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $4867.5
New OnlineBankroll: $4833.5
Total since 01/03/07: $16656.5
Total time(hrs): 435.5
Total $/hr: $38.3

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