Wednesday, 24 December 2008

...and that's a wrap.

So I guess it's time for the mandatory '2008 roundup' post. Pretty good year in terms of results...

Fulltilt: $3600
Rileys: $0 (50 deposited)
Ipoker: $6250
Pokerroom: $0 ($600 deposited)

total online: $9850
LIVE: +$1250

2008 total: $46,150
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $76,750

Had a great run towards the end of the year in the mtts, ran like crap in the sngs but not too devastating, and started tilting and turning to the cash tables. Ups and downs! Don't really feel like I improved much as a player this year though, and next year I plan to work on my game more if I get the time. 2009 goals copied from pfu:

- If I do play full time for a prolonged period of time like this summer, get a Cardrunners subscription and spend some time analysing and improving my game.

- Start actually building my roll instead of cashing out all the time. Get my roll big enough to play the majors regularly ($20k minimum)

- Get my first 5-figure score. Been close a few times, would be nice to nail one.

- Get to at least 1 GUKPT tournament via the bigslick promotion, try to sat into others, play well in them.

- Stop tilting and donating at the cash tables.

- I'd like to have a $50k year since I was just short this year, but I don't know how realistic that is as I probably wont play as much. Guess that's just a thought rather than a goal.

Well, that's that then.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

oh noes...

Looks like that pesky 'tilt' thing is back (leaning tower? tilt? geddit? ...never mind). Been playing some cash, 2/4-10/20 CAP and shortstacking. Silly. Up ~1k overall, which is pretty amazing considering how much of a donk I am. Bust my PP roll, ran my pokerroom roll up to 1750 (and sensibly cashed it all out just now) broke about even at fulltilt. I really enjoy the CAP games there, but I really suck at them. Hopefully making this post and thinking about it will stop me playing any more... might take a break for a while.

One thing that helps me put things in perspective is that playing 3/6 or 5/10 with what's most likely a bunch of cash regs is almost certainly -ev for me, even shortstacking or trying to find other shortstacks to play against... in which case, I'm not just gambling, I'm taking a pretty bad gamble. It's probable that I have a higher expectation (tho obv still negative) playing roulette. And since I have an absolute 100% no casino games rule, how come this is allowed?

Lets hope the pleasure side of my brain starts listening to the logical side...

Fulltilt: $2700
Rileys: $0
Ipoker: $6400
Pokerroom: $0 ($1750 withdrawn)

total online: $9100
LIVE: +$1250

2008 total: $46,050

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rebuy tastic

So I had another decent mtt session, went deep in pretty much all the mtts I played, had a few small cashes, went very deep in a $30r and $25r on ipoker, busting the 25 in ~15th. I final tabled the $30r as chippo, though only had 12bbs, so was a crapshoot really. The table was halariously tight so I was shoving a lot, and bust 2 shorties with 94o which was fun. Got HU pretty even, then lost when villain open shoved for 4x pot with OESD, I snapped with top pair but couldn't hold, so I took 2nd for $2400. It really helps running so good in mtts when I seem to insta-drop 10 buyins whenever I even think about playing sngs.

EDIT: another great (and in parts frustrating) mtt session again tonight, really deep in a load of tournies. Got to the final few tables of a few for some cashes, got to the final table of a $100 mtt on ipoker but manage to bust in a huge cooler when in 2nd in chips to the chippo QQ < AA which sucked. $600 there, and then I donked up a $50 turbo tournament that lasted 1hr 15mins for 250 people lol, won it for $3.6k. Mtts love me at the moment!

Fulltilt: $2700
Rileys: $400
Ipoker: $6750
Pokerroom: $700 ($3000 withdrawn)

total online: $10550
LIVE: +$1250

2008 total: $45,750

Saturday, 6 December 2008

sng pain

So the pain has continued, and I'm on a ~80 buyin downswing. Which is always fun. My worst downswing buyin-wise (tho not in terms of $$$). Im still in profit tho which is something, at 3.8% roi... meh. But I'm feeling ok cos I just received my rakeback for last month - £1017 :)

Decided to play mtts today, got 2 final tables, 7th in a $100 for $350 and 3rd in a $25r for ~1200. So a decent session, up about $1k, but both very frustrating exits, especially the rebuy, where I lost a pot that was almost all the chips in play to a 3outer vs an insane lagtard 3 handed. Basically a $2k 3-outer. But anyway, feels nice to actually win some monies.

Fulltilt: $2850
Rileys: $500
Ipoker: $5200
Pokerroom: $600

total online: $9150
LIVE: +$1250

2008 total: $41,350