Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Good and bad results.

First the bad. I still suck at cash games/controlling tilt. Bust my pacific account that was at $600 before I started (though it was at $2200 at one point). Which sucks. Also had a tilty sessions a few nights ago losing ~$800 at AP, again playing cash. So, basically, the NO CASH rule has been reinstated. Which, as I said, sucks. My head just really isnt in the right place for them right now. Maybe ever, maybe cash games just dont suit me as a person.

Anyways, on to the good news. After realising cash wasnt going to work, I didn't really feel like playing sngs, so I thought I'd play more mtts. Ive always done pretty well in them, but just havent played many. So I deposited $600 onto fulltilt, (and I also withdrew my AP roll of about $3k, just to be 100% sure I wouldn't waste it on cash. There aren't many good mtts there for me) about a week ago. The FTOPS is coming up, so basically I've been trying to sat into a few events, and for the past week, it'd been basically the sngs paying for the sats, and no winning in the sats, so I broke about even. (though I won a seat to the sunday brawl, out early KK < TT) then tonight I won a seat to event 15, $215 double stacked short handed, which should be awesome; I really enjoy shorthanded play.

Also tonight I went deep in my AP $50 usual, the $20k at pacific and a $75 mtt at fulltilt. I'm tempted to say i'm disappointed as I was in a great position in all of them, but ended up busting out in 15th or something on AP for $70, and bubbling the FT of the 20k for $170, which was frustrating seeing I was chippo for a while leading up to it. But I can't really complain...came 2nd in the fulltill mtt for $2880 :) Opponent HU was playing very well and I was reeling a bit, then got it all in AK vs KJ and he rivered the straight. Standard. So that sucked, but hey, its still a nice cash and a good evening of poker.

So mtts are the way forward for me atm. I'm definately not going to pay more than $75 on one game, preferably no more than $50, and play lots more sats into the bigger events. I'd like to get a seat in 1 or 2 more FTOPS events if possible.

Anyways, need sleep.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Cash games ahoy!

Well I kinda broke even for a while after 'the' friday, and decided to give sngs a rest, and take up cash games. dun dun dah! I decided to start with $50nl just to ease myself in, and I bought PAhud and semi-learnt how to use pokertracker properly. Got off to a good start, up 5 buyins in 1000 hands or so...then played some 100nl and won some there, lost some back at $50nl. Then I compacted my database at PT, and i didnt know that meant i couldn't view my results (why didn't it tell me?!?!) so now i'm not sure...

Had a bit of a tilty session last night and this morning (last night because i was drunk and in a bad mood, this morning because of last night and repeated coolers) but I lost maybe $100-200 so nothing major. Then, of totally sober untilty mind, I decided to play some 1/2. It sounds sort of twisted, but my logic was that if the money matters to me, then I'll play sensibly (and therefore be a winning player rather than a lunatic). I'm rolled for it anyway (just about) and was playing at pacific where the play is lovely and fishy. So yeah, just finished a very good session of ~3 hrs, winning about $1350, mostly on 2 $200nl tables at pacific and 1 $100 table at sunpoker (which i recently deposited at, I get rakeback and they have good redeposit deals there). So that's pretty awesome. Also won the biggest pot of my life:

Me: $500~
aggrofish: $450

Im in MP with AKo. Crazy aggro fish limps in EP, I make it $8, 1 callers behind me, aggrofish calls.
Flop is K54, pot = $27.
fishy checks, I bet 22, 1 fold, fishy raises to $52. I call.
Turn 7. 2 diamonds on board.
villain overshoves for like $380. I call fairly quickly and he turns over 66, and my hand holds.

Ship the $900 pot :D

Villain had been open shoving for a full stack preflop, and shoving lots of flops and things, so I think the call was fairly standard, especially with the flush draw out there. It's nice when you run well though, was totally different to this morning.

I think basically my main issue with cash games is tilt. When I'm playing well and focused, I feel I'm definately a winning player, certainly at 1/2. Don't have much experience past that, but 1/2 seems very beatable. But when I'm tilty or even just bored/unfocused, I cant beat $50nl for a profit. It was nice to have a really solid session where I feel like I played well and was rewarded, got some confidence back, and made me believe I can beat cash games again. I just really need to get better at stopping when the first signs of tilt set in. In fact, I'm going to make a big sign right now to stick above the computer to remind me to walk away if I feel tilt. Problem solved! Ha, yeah...

Anyways, a good day in the end. I think i'll stick with cash for a while, see how it pans out. I'll play mostly $100 at sun/absolute, and $200 at pacific. I've also downloaded sky so I'll see what happens there. I'd like to get to $15-20k online before I move up to $2-4, and show a decent profit over a fair amount of hands, which will hopefully be before the end of this year.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Won a bit.

Played some, won a bit. Just came 5/122 in my usual $50 mtt at absolute for $390, meaning im up maybe $150 for the day. Took out the weekly $300 on monday...and deposited it on stars lol, had an mtt itch to scratch. No results there.

Put all my results from friday into my stats page...ewwww, my hourly and roi are all screwed up. Oh well. serves me right i guess.

Since 19/11
Sngs: 442
Amount won(sngs): $2889
Amount won(mtts): $3542.75
Total: $6842.75

Grand Total: $30350

Sunday, 6 January 2008

So yeah, friday kinda sucked... and then yesterday I had a stomach bug which
has been going around - not fun. Wasn't going to play yesterday anyway, needed a bit of time off... Feeling mostly better today (Though still have only eaten like 10 grapes in over 36hrs) Just played 5 sngs, won 3, came 2nd in the others, for a profit of $400, so well on the way to making back the $1k I dropped on friday.

-No more 200$ games.
-$100 games are ok, but only when I'm definately feeling focused and ready.
-No playing when distrated, ie watching tv, certainly not the higher buyin games.

Just need to put it behind me and carry on as normal really.

Friday, 4 January 2008

wow so sick

Somehow turned a $1k+ day into a $1k- day. $2k loss in 3-4hrs. AAAAHHHHH. Wasn't playin great but jesus christ did I run cold. oag;ijaerng;kajerng;kajerng;kajerno;jha

never lost anywhere near this much in one go. Big hurt. PLayed 20 sngs and cashed in 2. 2!!!! Soooo many coolers was rediculous. Shouldn't have have played the 200$ games really, but i didnt play badly, i wasnt tilting much (ie it didnt affect my play) maaaaan why cant i catch a break when I take a shot.


good start

Great day today, up about $1000 in 2 hours. Might even be my best ever day for sngs, which is great considering how little I played. Played quite alot of higher buyin games, won a $100 10-man on pacific, a $100 6-man at absolute, and 2 $65 6-mans, and some other cashes. Would've been more if i hadn't managed to lose the chiplead and bust out in 3 hands on the bubble of a $100 6-man, 1st hand was the bb calling allin for 11bbs with 24o... think it was a misclick, but still annoying, next 2 hands were standard. But im not complaining really, i got fairly lucky myself in places. So in the 4 days of 2008 (only 2 of whih I've played) i'm up $1500. woop!

Think I'm going to start withdrawing $300 a week regardless of my results. Usually I'd only withdraw after a big win, but I think regular withdrawals is a better way, plus the extra money a week will cover living costs and I'll set up some standing orders to savings accounts and things; the gradual-ness of it is better than sporadic lump sums I think. It's only 5% of my online roll, and I should be able to at least reach that most weeks. I may even up it to $500 if things are going well, but we'll see.

Not on home computer so will update records later.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

happy xmas/new year!

Been a swingy 2 weeks. Didn't play much up to xmas, but then won a satellite into the $1k 100k probounty tourney at AP. Very funny satellite, as soon as I entered I realised I didnt want to play, and so played crazily and ended up taking it down. Played the actual tourney which was good but didnt cash, came 34/~100. Felt like I played pretty well though, grinded up to double my starting stack, but hovered there until I had to start risking my stack, and lost a race 55 < JTs. Still, happy with it, will try and play more big tourneys like that.

Then had a 2-day downswing/tilty patch, losing $800 which wasnt fun. But the last 3 days have been earning it back and a bit more, so no damage done. Am going to steer clear of most $100 games since I'm not quite ready for them yet. Except for those at pacific...the play is just so bad. Very very weak tight. Playing one today, we're 4 handed (the 6max games pay to 3rd, meaning less variance so thats another reason I'm happy playing them) one guy with 1.5k raises to 300 with 50/100 blinds, I shove with TT for less than double, like 550 or something, and the guy writes into the chatbox 'ffs' then theres like a 10 sec wait, and then 'i guess i cant pass' and calls flipping over AQs! Even if I show AK he has to call... I think they play like this because they've worked their way up from the low stakes at pacific and all the low stakes fish are major LAGs so just playing tight passive works fine. So yeah, I've been playing them quite a bit, only up like $60, but they're definately profitable.

Poker new years resolutions: Just don't tilt really. I know precisely when I'm tilting, I just need to get better at walking away. Don't think it's too big a problem, just something that needs a bit of work.

Maybe try and get profitable at cash...? I know thats where all the money is really. I'll see.

Anyways, here's to a money-filled 2008.

Since 19/11
Sngs: 397
Amount won(sngs): $3287
Amount won(mtts): $3374.75
Total: $7062.75

Grand Total: $30550