Friday, 10 August 2007

Day 7 - booooooo.


Today sucked. Didn't play well, but didnt run well either. I played for 3-4 hrs in the morning and saw I wasnt playing well so took a big break, and came back fresh and ready to play. That was good. Then lost a load more. That was bad. Felt like I was playing my B or C game most of the time, coupled with a few unlucky hands - bubbled 3 sngs in 5 mins at one point.

Byebye yesterday's profit.

Sngs played today: 22 (total since 10/08: 38)

Daily total: -270.5
Time(hrs): 5.5

Old Online Bankroll: $3778
New OnlineBankroll: $3507.5
Total since 01/03/07: $15330.5
Total time(hrs): 410.5
Total $/hr: $37.3

*10$ bonus from yesterday and $20 from today added.

Note to self: Play MORE when winning and LESS when losing, not the other way around!

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