Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Monte Carlo and April

So I'd meant to do a trip report of the 1k Monte Carlo event at DTD, but kinda didn't feel like writing it up after I bust... I'll put a few of the key hands for fun anyways.

200/400/50, tight lady opens UTG to 1k, UTG+1 flats, aggro young guy flats button, I flat SB with JJh, BB calls.

Flops: 3h 7h 9h,

checks around.

Turn 5o, I bet 3200, UTG+1 calls, button calls.

River 7. Check, check, button bets 10k, I call, UTG+1 calls.

I called the river pretty quickly, I'd planned to c/c almost always on blank rivers and c/reevaluate on less blank rivers. I'm not sure if this is spew though, button showed 55 and utg+1 showed AQhh, so I felt pretty silly. Might be one of those spots where I convince myself of all the draws button can have but he actually just always checks them behind because it's live and no one folds and he knows this.

1200/2400/300, 90k effec.
EP limps, MP limps, I limp T6dd in the CO, button limps, SB completes, BB checks.

Flop: 6h 8d Jd

Checks to me, I bet 8500. Button raises to 21 (and covers). Everyone folds, I make it 65, button tanks and shoves, I call.

Pre is definitely debateable... but I was bored and it's live and I can 'do stuff' post. Or just flop the world. Button was a fairly tight lady who I'd spent a lot of the 2 days playing with, she knew I was active but she could also mix it up a bit herself and I'd seen here make a multi-barrel bluff. She was also maybe the type to raise AJ here 'for info' and then fold to the shove so I was happy getting it in here. Of course I was fairly surprised when she opened...7h9h.

Turn Ah for the sweat...

River Ac.

1500/3000/300, 240k effec.

MP opens 7500, button flats, I make it 27000 from the BB with AKo and a very laggy image. MP flats, button folds.

Flop: Ac 5h 2h

I bet 33, MP goes 70, I shove, MP calls.

Villain is Wadey, a familiar face in the UK live poker scene, and though I don't have many hands against him I'm told that my line is absolutely fine/standard here , especially given my image at the time. Super sigh when he opens 55, then, and rockets to a huge chiplead with 40 left.

I sigh and wish everyone good luck, etc, and then go get drunk.

Online, April has been fairly similar to the last few months. Lots and lots of near misses (I'm restraining myself from a very prolonged rant here!), although not a great deal of volume. Stayed pretty well clear of the cash tables, though did do a post-sunday spinup from a loose $200 on ipoker to $7.2k in about 20 minutes... frankly I was due.

I'm now thinking of relearning sngs to reduce variance a bit and so I can put in shorter sessions, but my enthousiasm for them might easily disappear once I remember what grinding sngs is like...