Saturday, 25 June 2011


So a few days into June I carried on my good run winning the Party Highroller for $27k and change, and then last week I won a $12k Main Event package. I was planning on heading to Vegas anyway for the series, but it's always nice to have the seat locked up before going.

Barely played apart from those two sessions, mainly doing things like packing and spending time with uni friends who've finished their exams. Went on a lovely holiday to a cottage my grandparents own in Wales with some chums

where we did lots of this

ate a fair amount of this

and I did this

which was shortly followed by this

(thanks to ali for the pics!)

I arrived in Vegas on wednesday, jet lagged and mightily confused by how bizarre this place is. I'll do a full Vegas blog after I get back, but it's pretty mental.

I managed to mess up the bank wire to the Rio, so I'm here with basically no money, a tiiiny tactical error there. Managed to borrow some/had a bit of my own. So far I've played the $5k 6max series event which was pretty tough, played pretty well but couldn't win the flips and lost TT < AQ on 9TJ to bust. Yesterday was a $1.6k in the Venetian Deepstack series, which I played less well in (mainly just fudged one big hand, but it was pretty bad). The taxi queue at the Venetian was huge so I decided to play some cash with my last $600 and managed to spin it up to $2.4k meaning I could play the $1.5k series event today, though sadly just bust running kings into aces for heaps.

Probably will play some cash now and try to win enough for the $1k tomorrow...basically hoping a bank wire can get through soon - or I'll just have to hang on until Dave arrives with money.

Anyways, to the tables!