Thursday, 9 August 2007

Day 6

Got up early and went straight into 5/6 tabling sngs for an hour. I ran gooood and was up nearly $300. Played 3 more hours since then and made a tiny bit, few unlucky hands, but mainly im running ok. Only released $10 bonus, but towards the end I was playing more $20 games because they were the only ones filling up (so i was paying less rake, therefore less bonus). I'm stopping for the day now and its 3pm, so when I get my laptop I'll be able to play more. 20+ should be easy.

Happy with my play for the most part, although in the 2nd hour i got kind of confused with the tables and made a few silly plays. Mainly though im finding 5 tabling easy - i used to be 2/3 tabling whilst checking forums/talking on msn, etc, and just focusing on poker is much better. This every day for a week or 2 would do just fine :)

Sngs today: 16
Daily total: 307.5
Time(hrs): 4.5

Old Online Bankroll: $3470.5
New OnlineBankroll: $3778

Total since 01/03/07: $15601
Total time(hrs): 405
Total $/hr: $38.5

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