Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Long overdiu

Sorry for all the Diu puns, but frankly it's just so easy I can't resist.

Ok, picture the scene: You could see the storm before it hit. You heard the rain approach, just metres away. And then - BAM - you're soaked in seconds; thick, angry, biting rain like a swarm of bees in the dark. You are, perhaps, not entirely sober. Blinded by horizontal spray, you wobble your way up and over the church dome and then down the slippery, eccentrically spaced steps towards your room. As you step inside the first thing you feel is the two inches of water sloshing at your feet. Slamming the door shut, you stand there, swaying slightly, breathing hard. You're drenched, the rain is pouring in - over, under and through the door and through the open window - it's pitch black, the power's out and you have no torch.

Right, you think, now what?

A) Calmly but inefficiently grope around for your camera, use the screen as a torch, plug all leaks and go to bed. Turn to page 53

B) Use 5th level spell 'Watershift', then drink The Elixir of Sao Tome Retiro. Turn to page 21

C) Scream hysterically and run around in circles until help arrives. Turn to page 14

Hm, went a bit 80's-fantasy-book themed there. But they were incredible, no? Interactive books! Civilisation may never see such innovation again.

Anyway, storms - 2 of them. Well technically one storm thing and one confirmed cyclone. People here say it's the first time they've ever seen rain here in November, and there's been a lot of it. To be honest though, it's mostly been brilliant sunshine, days on the beach, gorgeous food and great company. But time to move on! Been here a month, which is pretty ridiculous even for me considering how little I've been doing. Heading around Gujarat for the few weeks I've got left, to Junagadh at the end of the week with Neil, and leaving at the same time as Ivan, Tanika and Yaron - a friendly bunch who've been sucked into the Diu vortex like me and been staying at the church for the last few weeks. End of an era!

Since this is a short post I might as well add a bit of poker talk - think I'll be playing the DTD 1k on December 17th. I get back on the 16th in the evening, so I might be pretty tired but so long as I'm not ill I'll be ok to play. Seems a little eager but it's the only decent live tournament left this year and I have a craving to play some live games. Should be a fun one; a decent structure - 30k stacks, 60-75 minute levels - so lots of room to mess around!

Anyways, just checking in, nothing much has been happening to be honest. In the best possible way, of course.


PAGE 14 - Your screaming wakes the neighbours who shout at you. You spend the night crouched, shivering in the corner getting wet. YOU LOSE.

PAGE 21 - You forget to open the door before casting the spell so the water just splashes around a little, and the elixir gives you a headache. YOU LOSE.

PAGE 53 - The sound of rain on the metal roof lulls you into a deep sleep; you wake refreshed and have an omelette for breakfast. CONGRATULATIONS!

Hope you chose wisely...