Friday, 20 June 2008


Well, my forray into horrifically underrolled cash inevitably went pear shaped, and I ended up losing a load and then cashing out some, leaving just a few hundred online - had exams and stuff, so shouldn't have been playing anyway. Seem to have my head screwed on ok now, and am playing well. Have come painfully close to a few big scores; last 50 in $50 MSOP mtt, lose HUGE pot TT < 34s; down to 11 in $26 mtt, 3k to first, lose huge pot for chiplead KK < AK; final table of PP20k, 5k for first, lose huge pot AK < AT to go out in 8th etcetc. However, i'm confident one will come soon, i'm playing the best I've played for a while, just some bad situational luck stopping me from solidly getting back on my feet.

Just took down a $24 90player KO sng on ft for ~$600, which is a great help - more than doubled my current online roll! That's kinda depressing...but i'm on the way up ;)

PP/rileys: $200 ($600 deposited)
Stars: $- ($500 withdrawn)
FTP: $800 ($400 deposited)

2008 total: $12,950
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $43,550