Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Running goot. (detail update)

Everything just seems to be working at the moment. Played about 5 hours since the mtt win on monday and am up ~$900, in 30sngs. I'm running above average, but it's nice to have some solid wins to get me back on my feet. And I'm playing quite well for the most part which is nice! Took some shots at the $100 sngs at pacific and AP. Wont play all that many at pacific due to lack of rakeback/bonus but the play is sooo weak-tight - it seems very profitable. Though having said this... played 3, won 1 (they pay 3 places, so that means I'm down a bit). I doubt i'll be frequenting the $100 games at AP anytime soon. Generally full of solid regulars, but I've jumped into 2 games of unknowns and took a 1st and a 2nd, so I'll take the odd shot when the games look soft. HU been going well too, not been tilting much like I often did a while back, on a nice run at the moment.

SO yeah, everything's going great, perfect timing for me as a 'return' to poker, and before xmas!

Since 19/11
Sngs: 330
Amount won(sngs): $2870 --- now not inlcluding rakeback/bonus
ROI(not including ra/bo): 23.95%

Amount won(mtts): $3512.25
ROI: 668.36% (:D)

Total: $6643.25
Time: 55hrs
$/hr: 120.79

Probably my best month-long period of results so far, seeing as I haven't played much. Obv the mtt roi isnt anywhere near sustainable, and I doubt the sng one is either, but hopefully it wont drop too much as the variance evens out.

Grand Total: $30150

Monday, 17 December 2007

Happy days!

Another great day. Played quite a few sngs, made about $300. Was playing some mtts, got unlucky in some, but also playing the $50 6k at absolute which I play fairly often, and have taken down before. This was like the reverse of the 20k on thursday; the structure of this tourney is great, deepstacked with lots of room to play, so I had very few coinflips, only a few against shortstacks (most of which I lost) and one crucial one in the final 4 TT>AJ. Felt I played very well for the most part and had the chiplead from the last 18 until the end. Bit of a shakey start to HU since I started with a 4.5:1 chiplead and we were even after 20 hands or so, but managed to regroup and take it down for $1840! So a very good few days for poker :)

I now have nearly $6k online which feels great, but I'll probably withdraw some, I'm getting into the investment side of things now and I don't want to keep so much online when it could be in a savings account earning money. As einstein said 'the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest'

Since 19/11
Sngs: 301
Amount won(sngs): $2341.5
Amount won(mtts): $3512.25
Total: $5853.75

I've played 50hrs since 19/11, so my hourly is over $115/hr which is pretty disgusting! Poker is so great at times like this. I must remember these times when I go on 20-buyin downswings.

Grand Total: $29350

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Good day.

Best day I've had in a while, poker-wise. Had a nice run in the sngs, winning $140 in 30mins playing hu sngs before uni. Then came back and won another ~200. While playing these was also playing the 20k gauranteed at pacific. I ran pretty well, winning almost every race and was a big chippo from about 50 left, which continued all the way to the final table. I then went pretty card dead, and stayed about the same in chips until the final 5. Dipped fairly low, then won a key double up 99>aj (ace on turn, 9 on river!) 2 got knocked out, at 3 handed the blinds were high, the big chippo was pushing every hand and I was getting rags. Made a standard push from button, chippo called, I lost. That was that. But still! 3rd/364 for $2000 isn't bad at all - i'm certainly not complaining! I had some pretty good luck to get that far.
A nice boost just before xmas shopping :)

Since 19/11
Sngs: 266
Amount won(sngs): $2057
Amount won(mtts): $1747
Total: $3804

Grand Total: $27300

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Had a bad day on monday - down $550! Played 10 sngs in one session and lost every single one, didnt run much better the rest of the day. Played the $55 30k at pacific and came 23rd/500+ for $195. Meh. Yesterday had a fairly good day. Was up about $100 then was just playing some $20 and $50 HU sngs while watching HSP, and did well and made back lots of what I lost on monday. I might play some more HU sngs, I think if I play properly I could beat them for a decent %. I actually think my HU game at the end of sngs is one of my strengths (e.g. since I started: played 31 $33 6-man games, I've cashed in 15, won 12 - %65 roi sustainable?!?) but that's usually in low M situations; when there's lots of play, like in hu sngs, I tend to get FPS and make silly mistakes. But when I'm playing lots of tables/watching HSP I just play automatically and that works much better.

Just played an hour today and ran very well, won about $400. Absolute roll stands at $2,270, which is nice. It'd be lovely if I could get it to 3k by the end of the year. I doubt it though, have loads of work/xmas to do. I also deposited $600 at pacific - felt like playing some mtts. I've forgotten how fishy the games are there. Such weak fields, the 'big' guaranteed mtts have quite a lot of value. I'm itching for my next big cash too :)

Anyways, poker's going good for now.

Since 19/11
Sngs: 221
Amount won(sngs): $1614
Amount won(mtts): -$110
Total: $1504

Grand Total: $25000 (mini milestone?)

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Running well

Had a good day today, played for a couple of hours and made ~$300. Got lucky in parts, played ok.

Not doing the daily sng updates like before, partly because I'm tracking my results differently (by game, so as to better find out which games I have a higher roi in) but also because it lets me be less short-term results-based. Before if I had a losing day I might be upset/annoyed, but this way I see the results on a more long-term basis.

games: 180
Amount won: $1200.5
Roi: 21.08% (including bonus, not rakeback)
time: 27hrs
$/hr: $44.46
Total: $24700

Also spent $55 on an mtt.

Thursday, 6 December 2007


As usual after a big day I had a bad day yesterday losing ~$180, but today I won it back and a bit more, so no damage done. Played 150 games, and have an overall ROI of 17%+ (including bonus, not including rakeback) so I'm obviously happy with that. My hourly is good too, around $35/hr, especially since I was breakeven after my first 50 games. I suppose it helps that I'm usually at least 5-6 tabling, 7 if there are available games, whereas before I'd be 4-5 tabling usually. I think the 12-tabling turbos experiment helped in that respect, it feels very relaxed - I have time to make notes on players and make better plays this way. I feel I'm playing ok, not great, but enough for now - I feel myself getting back into the rhythm (Sp?) of things which is nice. Found myself tilting slightly more than I used to, but thats the great thing about sngs, if you bustout due to a beat, you're no longer in it to make bad plays. And I never feel like playing after a few beats in sngs, so I just take a break. (or do some of the mountain of uni work I have do...) And once I've played a few hundred more games I feel I'll definately be back to my old pokery self. Yay!

I'll do a full sng update in a few days.

Total: 24250

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

on the up

Crushed the sngs today! Mainly because I ran like jesus, but still feels good to book a (very) solid win. Played for 3 hrs (~20games) and made ~$700. Almost doubled the bankroll at absolute! So that's awesome. I'm now properly rolled for the $71 games. Took a few shots at them when I was at around ~$1000-1200, but ran amazingly in them (played 2 9-man games, won both, played 4 6-man, won 2) so that helped. Anyways, long story short, I'm happy about poker. I'm looking forward to being robusto ($3000 would be great) and feeling like I did over the summer about poker in general. Oh man, just looking back and I used to have 8k online! Man I want to be there.

Anyways, gonna keep bit of a record of things again, structure is good for me. Plus running tallies are fun!

estimated total: $24200