Sunday, 27 July 2008

frustrating but decent sunday

Played the million on stars, the brawl, 750k and 40k on fulltilt, 80k at pacific and the 75k at absolute, and a handful of other random ones.

Made two decent runs. Got deep in the brawl, down to 90, then lost a massive race to put me in top 5 with JJ
Then was the million, played a ninja shortstack for hours, got aces at a few timely spots and had average chips with 300 left. My bustout hand:
raise to 2.2x with qks, bb calls. Flop 9Tx with the flush draw, guy bets small, I raise big, he calls.

Turn A, he checks I ship it, he tanks and calls with... 95s (with the flush draw). I miss.

BAH! Should've raised a little less on the flop to give me more FE on the turn, but still, very annoying. 95s? grrrrrrr

Anyway, cashed for $1k in that. So I definately feel it could've been a lot better, but having a winning sunday is a nice change. If I keep it all online I'll actually have a bankroll again which is a great feeling, although I need to withdraw some as I have very little cash available.

Fulltilt: $2.2k
Rileys: $100 ($300 deposited)
Stars: $1000
AP: $100 (200 withdrawn)

I also have $500 coming when I turn up at the million challenge tourney in london.

2008 total: $14,850
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $45,450


So I've had a fairly good few days. Nothing huge, just a few smallish wins to get my BR at fulltilt out of the dangerously low area it was a few days ago. I also won a seat in the million pound challenge there:

Sounds awesome! Apart from the $1k, I go to london to play a tourney with the other 80 winners of these tourneys, top 6 get £1k, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 50k, and the winner plays phil ivey, patrick antonius and gus hansen HU for up to a million pounds! I probably wont win anything at all, but it'll be fun - I'll get to meet the pros I assume which'll be pretty cool in itself.

Got a biggish sunday today - 80k at pp, 75k at AP, brawl+750k at fulltilt, plus plenty of other smaller games. Would be great to have a nice cash and get a bit closer to robusto.

Lets go!

Friday, 25 July 2008


Well, I majorly overslept this morning. My sleep experiment thing is fairly strict, and it basically means I messed it up, and undid most my 'adjusting' of the last week. Which really sucks. I also managed to miss an appointment with some window fitters for my dad's house. Epic Fail. So I'm thinking I might give the polyphasia a rest until next week, and I can have a few days of proper mtts, without having to sleep half way through them. I might start blogging about the polyphasia a bit more too when I start it again...might remind me to set my bloody alarm this time!!!

I've been playing a few mtts and some sats, got seats into the sunday brawl and the 750k at tilt, and also FTOPS events #1 and 3. So thats something, hopefully I can get at least one half decent cash in there somewhere. I literally cant remember when my last 4 figure cash was. Which is ridiculous. I could just unregister and get the tourney $$. Which I probably should, I'm basically spending $850 on mtts. Thats the problem when I play sats that I can unregister from, I'm playing the sat because I cant afford to buyin, therefore when I win the seat, I shouldn't play because I'm still not bankrolled. Oh well, I'll just pull a halfrek and win both FTOPS events, and all will be good.

One time?

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

oh the pain

Well yesterday I lost ~35 buyins, in 80 games, in 2 hours. After that I rocked in the fetal position muttering and twitching.

I'd been on a good run beforehand, so it leaves me down about $100 since last post. Still, fairly depressing. I've no doubt I can crush these superturbos but this kind of variance is nuts - if something similar happens again I could get near busto at fulltilt which would really suck. So maybe I should go back to mtts. Except my weird sleeping pattern kind of prevents it - I'd have to take breaks in the middle of games.

Meh, this sucks.

Edit: Big congrats to idi0 at pfu, who just took down the fulltilt 40k for $15k! Fantastic result. Am very, very jealous :)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Slow progress

Been fairly swingy, probably because I'm playing lots of the super turbos, which are just insane - I can play 40/hr easily. Had quite a few breakeven/losing sessions, but just finished a good 90minute session, and am up about $400 since last post. Probably played about 10hours or so.

*waffle warning* - mostly thinking on paper, may be tedious.

While AP's recent 'fame' thing is actually worse in terms of incentives, I might try and concentrate on it. Think I might play an absolute TON next month (for which there might be a 2k bonus in diamond form...?) - like 4 hours a day minimum, 7 tabling (when I can, the traffic isn't that high at ap all the time, so I can fill it in with the super turbos at tilt) If I can play 40sngs a day I should make the diamond elite thing. Which doesnt actually look that good, but whatever. All it takes is 15/hour for 3 hours, should be fairly doable... just motivation is the problem I guess. However, I'm doing a crazy sleep thing at the moment (google polyphasia), just for fun, but it means I have loads of free time, so hopefully I should make it.

Having said all this, I just figured out I could make at least $40/hr playing the super turbos, and the 40/hr figure is based on only playing the $15s, which I dont, and it's based on a 7% ROI (it's 9% atm - I like being cautious...). So it could be quite a bit more than that.

Ahh, decisions decisions.

AP: $750
FTP: $1100

2008 total: $13,400
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $44,000

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Time for the grind!

Right! Back from hols in france and spain which was great, but left me £1200 poorer and I'm in serious need of some monies. Basically planning to do exactly what I did last summer, grind sngs, a few mtts mixed in - I'm even moving back to AP (I know, I have no morals...) so hopefully it'll be an exact match of last summer...including the profits.

A good start, just played some super turbos on FT which are great (start with 10bbs :P great fun) and made $50, then deposited onto AP, played 2 $20 6man and won them both, a nice welcome back ;)

PP/rileys: $-
AP: $500 ($400 deposited)
FTP: $950

2008 total: $13,000
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $43,600