Monday, 13 August 2007

Day 8 (yesterday)

Didn't play on saturday as I was visiting family. Did my first proper 6 tabling which went fine, though several times I was doing well in 4 of them, only to bubble in 3 and just cash in 1, which was frustrating, Felt I was playing well but had some fairly bad luck. I ended up about 70$ after 5 hours, which wasnt great, but at least I was up. Then came back at 1am for the 70k at AP that I had a free seat for. That tourney seems to be cursed for me. Quickly lost 700ish on various hands, got KK, riased and took the blinds, then QQ< KK (guy slowplayed the kings) What was worse though was the other games i was playing at the time. Didn't play great, guess I was tired, but ran pretty badly too. My mtt record has been poor the last few days, played 10 and only 1 tiny cash. Anyway, I ended down $70 on the day. Sigh.

Started using a great spreadsheet that was made by a member of a forum I read, the spreadsheet can be found here. I had to change it a bit but its very useful.

Anyway, not going to play much tomorrow, but lets hope it goes a bit better.

Sngs today: 24
Daily total: -70.5
Time(hrs): 7
Old Online Bankroll: $3507.5
New OnlineBankroll: $3437
Total since 01/03/07: $15260
Total time(hrs): 417.5
Total $/hr: $36.5

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