Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day 11

BOOM! My mtt slump comes to an end.

Buyin: 25+2
runners: 145
payout: $1200

Been a while since I won one, so nice to get another under my belt. Opponent HU was disconnected so I had the easiest win ever!

Not so good on the sng front...the games were so juicy this evening! I've not played much in the evening and I had no idea the standard in play differed so much. Unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of it and ended down about $80, but I'm definately going to be playing more at this time. The standard during the day tends to be quite good, with lots of regulars, but it was a proper fish tank tonight.

Anyway, I need sleep.

Sngs today: 11
Daily total: 1116
Time(hrs): 4.5
Old Online Bankroll: $3751.5
New OnlineBankroll: $4867.5
Total since 01/03/07: $16690.5
Total time(hrs): 430
Total $/hr: $38.8

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