Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 21 - update

Another good day today. Started off not so great, being down ~$100 after a few hours in the afternoon, but just played for 3hrs this evening and today turned out to be my best day for sngs: ~$500 profit. Down $115 on mtts, but still a good day. I think the competition is definately softer in the evening, more regulars in the afternoon, and if I'm not playing my A/B game then I don't think I can beat the games.(then again my C game is terrible) But tonight I was 7 tabling at some points and it just seemed to go well...but perhaps I just had a good run of cards, who knows :)

Good time to post a stat update, as they are looking pretty nice at the moment!
sng mission so far (all stats since 09/08/07):
Played: 204
Result: +$1409.5
ROI: 19.5% (not including bonus and rakeback)
Bonus: $185
Rakeback: tbc. (probably ~$185)

So a much better result for this 100 sngs...though most of that was literally today's result.

Played: 37
Result: $731
ROI: 69.4%

Not so good on the mtt front, actually lost ~$100 since last time.

Total profit: $2284.5 (+rakeback)
Total hours played: 63.5
$/hr: $36

So only 300-400$ left to go and I've made back my holiday spending. Not that I'll be stopping there! But that was a target and it'll feel good to reach it.

Sngs today: 18
Daily total: 392
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $4711
New Online Bankroll: $5103
Total since 01/03/07: $17558
Total time(hrs): 467
Total $/hr: $37.6

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