Monday, 27 August 2007

Days 19+20

Not a good day yesterday, played for 3 hours and ended up down ~200$. Started off today badly too, losing another quick $200, but played a longish session this evening which brought the sng total for the day up to +$50 and had a decent mtt FT for ~$400, which was nice, seeing as my BR had dropped to lower than it was a week ago.

I've decided to not count the ~$400 I have at sunpoker and the $130 at titan as my overall bankroll, since I wont/cant/cant be bothered to cash out/redeposit at them, so I may well regard them as sort of fun money. Maybe i'll have a go at some more expensive mtts at sun. I'm not going to waste it, I'm just not going to record the progress on those sites, since I wont be playing much. So new BR is -$530.

Sngs: 32
19-20th total: 259.5
Time(hrs): 10.5
Old Online Bankroll: --
New OnlineBankroll: $4711
Total since 01/03/07: $17166
Total time(hrs): 461.5
Total $/hr: $37.2

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