Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 34+35

Good days, made back most of what I donked off playing cash, and only played 7 sngs. woo.

Entered an mtt 10 mins before it started last night, and fell asleep before it began! So that was a watse of 22$. Oh well, falling asleep probably saved me money in the long run - I was (obviously) tired and was thinking of playing the $162 75k at AP, so probably would've lost more than $22!

Got around to withdrawing money from AP, some for stars and some for my bank - the £700 I deposited a few months ago. Got about $3k to put on stars (decide on stars as they seem to have a decent range and they take moneybookers which is what I use for ap). Just looking at my stats and my mtt roi has nearly fallen below my sng roi which is silly...and makes me think about whether withdrawing over 2/3 of my AP bankroll used for sngs to be used soley for mtts is a good idea... I think it is though, I know my mtt game is decent, and with so much extra choice I'll be able to play mtts that are more suited to me instead of weird ones that I play cos they're all that's available.
Withdrew now partly because of the scandels at AP at the moment...seems more real than any other rigging/conspiracy thing that has happened before. It doesnt really affect me directly, (not to say it wouldn't be bad for online poker in general) but just in case it all goes crazy and AP goes bust or something I decided I'd feel more comfortable if I didnt have my entire roll there. And anyway, I've been meaning to for ages, its about time I got around to it.

New BR includes the $4500 withdrawal from AP.

Sngs: 7
total: 509
Time(hrs): 3
Old Online Bankroll: $7244.5
New Online Bankroll: $3253.5
Total since 01/03/07: $20329.5
Total time(hrs): 535
Total $/hr: $38

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