Saturday, 15 September 2007

Day 33

Man I REALLY need to stop playing cash games. Like, forever. Or at least until I have a serious head shift - it seems the moment I open up a cash table I go on crazy monkey tilt and spew chips in every direction. Of course when you're 5 tabling with $200 on each, the spews add up pretty quicky ... Not a good day. So yeah, pretty disapointed in myself really.

I think basically it feels too much like gambling. I would never be able to gamble 'casually' - I'm fairly certain I have/would have some sort of gambling problem, but it's like alcoholics who never drink, I know its there, so I will never gamble. Period. And while I know I can win at cash games (and thats not a gamble) seeing actual money there on the table still feels like blackjack or something. Even when I win, I'm tilting - not just in the way I play but in how I feel; it's just not good for me at the moment.

Played some sngs and mtts this evening and dropped ~100 on them. meh.

Perhaps dropping below 20K again will serve as a reminder not to waste my hard earned dollars. *sniff*

Sngs: 17
total: -623
Time(hrs): 5
Old Online Bankroll: $7867.5
New Online Bankroll: $7244.5
Total since 01/03/07: $19820.5
Total time(hrs): 532
Total $/hr: $37.3

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