Friday, 7 September 2007

day 27,28,29...

Was a pretty crazy day on day 27 (whenever that was...losing track of things) probably played for like 15 hours (not joking). Played a 9.5hr session, mostly 4+ tabling, in the evening/night with 1 10 minute break. Pretty intense! Also lost my records for the last 2 days, which makes it hard to work out what happened! Basically, I think I was down $300 on sng during the day, then made it back with mtts in the night...had a $365 result. meh, not sure...have a nagging feeling my rakeback has been credited and thats why my account is looking healthier than expected! In which case i'm even on the last 2 days, not up 200.

Today is going good, up ~$300 so far, though i've spent $100 on sats to a $96 tourney which is extremely frustrating!

Yesterday I played a live tournament. It was nice to not play online, needed a break after the crazy few days, had burnt myself out a bit. Was a deepstack game, ~30 runners, 10k starting stack, 30min levels starting at 25-50. £30 buyin. Real good fun, a refreshingly good structure from what I'm used to live, and allowed for a lot of play.
Started off well, taking a few mediumish pots, (including a checkraise bluff and a very sexy bluff in a big pot against the chippo who was play very laggy) Built my stack up to 20k in the first few hours. Then there was a dead patch for ~an hour. Then got AA,AK and AK in a row. Won a small pot with the aa, lost a big pot with the ak and won the blinds with the 2nd ak. BOO! So that sucked a bit, then lost a few small pots, and was down to 15k, with blinds at 400/800. Then they said in just over an hour there would be a break for 90mins, and I decided i didnt want to be hanging around for ages with a small stack and then bust just after the break, so decided to gamble alittle for the big stack/bust option. Started off badly, losing a flip AT<88, bringing me down to 7k. Few hands later, with blinds at 600/1200 im in the bb with 9d4d, 3 limpers. I check, flop comes 3d8xJd. I'm 1st to act, I shove for 5k into the 5k pot. Button calls with kjo, turn is Kd (hooray!) river is a j (boo!). Still, happy with the play, I have fold equity and if I get called I'm getting 2:1 - ie, even money, and since I'm gambling for a big stack then I'll happily take an even money shot.
Happy with my play overall, twice I bluffed when I knew I shouldn't and got punished, but nothing major. Felt like I had very good reads of the whole table and could play accordingly, was a bit of a revelation actually. Don't get much chance for in-depth reads when 6-tabling sngs! But had some very precise information which was very useful. It's amazing how much people are willing to give away about their game totally willingly...had one old geezer who won the first pot with quad 4s...holding 43o after limping utg! In a later hand he won with a straight, on the turn he had the OESD and after the hand was over he said, 'I would've called any bet on the turn, you bet 1k and I call [into the 400 pot]' Sure enough he stationed his way out pretty fast :) Anyway, mucho fun, hope to do it again sometime.

I'll do my stats later, probably will play some more tonight.

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