Sunday, 9 September 2007

Day 29 - Evening

Woooo! Officially my best day since I got back from France. over $900 in sngs, and just ended with a $700 mtt score which actually only brings the mtt total to $250, but still!

I am super confused with my stats though due to me losing those days. I think my actual BR is $115 less than what these stat say because I forgot to take of the cash game loss a few days ago... basically I'll add the $$ to the totals, but count up the BR manually, so they may not match up exactly.

Oh and $75 worth of bonus added from the last few days.

Sngs 27-29: 53
total: 1250
Time(hrs): 23
Old Online Bankroll: ?
New Online Bankroll: $7149
Total since 01/03/07: $19725
Total time(hrs): 511
Total $/hr: $38.6

So close to 20k total!

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