Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Day 26

Donked off $115 last night playing cash. I was tired/bored/tilting, bluffing off $50 twice when I knew it wouldnt work...was watching the episode of HSP where they pay Mike matusow $4000 to stay, and he bluffs off $115k within the next few hours - felt like him!

On the upside, today went well, I remembered to check the rakeback, and added that to last month, and my stats chart is looking happy. Seriously, rakeback and bonus rock. Nearly $500 free money last month, and only played 20 days. $6k free a year! Up $800 on the month already, over $3.3k since my sng mission started, and my roi is at 24.5%. I'm a happy bunny.

Sngs today: 8
Daily total: 283
Time(hrs): 3
Old Online Bankroll: $5737
New Online Bankroll: $6020
Total since 01/03/07: $18475
Total time(hrs): 488
Total $/hr: $37.9

EDIT: played for a few hours tonight, got murdered at the sngs. Loads of beats, didnt play particularly well. Luckily I won a donkament for $450 so I'm up ~$220 on the evening. Just sitting on a .5/1$ table with some PFU members, congrats to aaron and cottlad, both raking in nice mtt wins today!

EDIT 2 Ended up playing for a few hours. Was playing hyper LAG as was only playing the 1 table, and was getting bored despite the great table banter. Quickly dropped a buyin in several medium pots, and realised trying to play every pot and outplay my fellow forumites is silly, since they're all good, solid players, so I used my image, and got paid off, doubling with KK vs 89 on a 9 high flop. Nothing major happened, won a decent pot and then got disconnected, but it was finishing anyway. Good fun! Up $75, ~$300 total for the evening. Will add it to tomorrow's results, am too lazy.

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