Monday, 3 September 2007

Day 24

Went camping over the weekend in the gower, which was lovely...until I woke up on the first morning with the flu :( FLU-urns! So we came home early. That was sad. Felt terrible yesterday, but feeling a bit better today. Even managed to play a bit of pokey ;)

Decided to play lower buy-in games incase I sucked due to flu. Turns out being ill makes me a poker supergenius. Several classic hands, my favourite being cracking aces with my 23o (not AIPF, though that would have taken the biscuit), though there was one where some guy thought his A8o was good enough to call a rerereraise allin after min raising utg. My aces held-yay! So yeah, ran good overall, a few unlucky hands, but I played 11, cashed in 7 and won 3, so I'm not complaining.

Sngs today: 11
Daily total: 253
Time(hrs): 4
Old Online Bankroll: $5169
New Online Bankroll: $5422
Total since 01/03/07: $17877
Total time(hrs): 479.5
Total $/hr: $37.3

The last 6 days have been swingy: -178,+441,+397,-282,+343,+258. But hey, thats nearly +$1000 in the last 6 days playing. Still, I'd probably rather a steady $150 a day. Bit less stressful on the nerves!

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