Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Day 30 - w00t! - update

Well, I'm pretty chuffed - I've made it to $20k total profit! Wooo! Not bad in ~4 months of playing.

Another great day for sngs, running crazily good in them at the moment. Had big stacks in 2 mtts, bubbled one, was chippo in the other, then lost KK < QTo and AK < AQ in MASSIVE pots, then shoved AJ and ran into QQ, and of course, failed to suckout. So that was pretty sickening. Also played a few turbo donkaments yesterday, but that was it, so I'll just add that to today.

sng mission so far (all stats since 09/08/07):
Played: 340
Result: +$3740
ROI: 28.9% (not including bonus and rakeback)
Bonus: $350
Rakeback: tbc. (probably ~$350)

Sweeeeet! More than doubled my sng total in this set of 100 games. Probably partly to do with moving up to the 65+6 games and I rarely play the 30s anymore - thankfully my roi hasn't suffered (yet)

Played: 81
Result: $990.5
ROI: 41.%

Meh. Should've had at least one decent score tonight.

Total profit: $5248.5 (including some rakeback...)
Total hours played: 116
$/hr: $45.3

So a very good 1/2 month. Played lots which helps, but can't deny I've been running super good! I've now got enough of a BR to take out the 1400$ I deposited a month or so back, and move a chunk over to stars/fulltilt (when will i decide?!?!) and still have a decent roll at AP. BOOM!

Sngs today: 22
total: 648.5
Time(hrs): 5.5
Old Online Bankroll: $7149
New Online Bankroll: $7797.5
Total since 01/03/07: $20373.5
Total time(hrs): 516.5
Total $/hr: $39.4

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