Sunday, 2 March 2008

More mtt goodness!

Was in almost exactly the same situation as a few days ago - the final table of the $26mtt at FT, and the final 2 tables of the $75mtt at FT. Bust out of the $75 in 12th or something, but managed to take down the $26mtt for $3.5k! Running so well in mtts at the moment. $8k this week, coupled with my $10k week about a month ago, it's been a pretty great start to the year!

Felt like I played well today. Watched some stinger and muddywaters mtt cardrunner vids and picked up some really useful tips, particularly on aspects of my game that I felt were quite solid before. Feel like i'm playing well at the moment, and luckily variance is on my side. For now.

Also played 15-20 $60 turbos. Thought I'd move up there permantly, unless I get a reason not too. Lost a bit, but we all know turbos are variance monsters.

Been giving some money to various charities to reduce the slight guilt of earning a living off other people losing... some to a lukemia charity, as my cousin had lukemia - she's been cleared now, but the cheomotherapy has left here with spleen/liver damage, etc, so it's a topic that I care about. If I ever did this as a 'job' after uni, I'd certainly be giving a percentage to charity.

Anyways, gotta be up early tomorrow.

FT: $6050 ($2500 withdrawn)
PP/rileys: $3400

2008 total: $17,400
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $47,950


Cottlad said...

running good mate. Keep it going.
Congrats :D

Cheesies said...

Thanks mate :D

Hoping to get to the 50K milestone soon!