Sunday, 23 March 2008

Good day, bad week.

I shouldn't post 'pokers going ok' posts. The day after last post I dropped $1k, playing $30 turbos. HOW?!?! I played like 60 games. Craziness. 30-buyin downswing in 60 games. BOOO turbos.

On the upside, I actually cashed in some mtts this sunday. Played quite a few games, satted into the million, FT 750k, and the 80k at pp, and played a 200k at titan and 40k at ft, $10 stars rebuy and a few others. Out of those I only cashed in the million, busting in ~500th for $700 or so, and the $10 rebuy for $150. I also found $50 at my sunpoker account and used it to play a smallish mtt and took 2nd for $750, so a decent profit for the evening.

My FT roll is crazy low, considering it was at 6k 3 weeks ago and I haven't cashed out. *vomits slightly* I'm sure I can beat these turbos. They're soft. I don't really know whats happening. If I don't get out of this rut soon Im going to have to rethink all this.

FT: $2450
PP/rileys: $450
Stars: $1600
($750 withdrawn from sunpoker)

2008 total: $14,200
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $44,800


The Busted Man said...

limit poker is good on tilt

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