Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sundays suck.

How do I manage to not cash in a single mtt AGAIN???

SO MANY COOLERS AARRGGG. And some fairly shocking play. but jeez, could one 80:20 go my way once please??!?!

Played the million, satted into the FT $500 million, played a bunch of others. Lost count of how many horrific hands there were. Doubled up in the FT million with quads vs fullhouse which was the one saving grace to let me hold onto my sanity, but then just lost huge pots with KK, ace flops, QQ and king flops, made a terrible calldown purely from tilt. I literally would've bet money that he had AK. Basically out now. AA < QQ for top 20 stack in the 80k on pacific, flopped top set vs flush/straight a bunch of times. Poker doesn't like me at the moment. But it wasn't all deepstack play basically sucks. I think I need to play cash, and that would then hugely improve my deepstack mtt game. But I'm going to play cash for a while at least, so I guess that's not really an option. Maybe I'll get some coaching sometime in the future.

Not that the shortstack shove fests that are turbos that I should be good at are going well either. Meh. BOO.

Ok, rant over. Going to start my high volume few weeks tomorrow with 72 sngs. That's my plan anyway. ...I'm kind of at a loss. This downswing is making me doubt if I can play. I know it's just come after a big upswing, so it's a bit of a shock, but literally I've had 1 or 2 winning sessions in my last 10-15. I really think I'd like to get some coaching for cash games at some point, it would make my overall game so much better. I've come across quite a few concepts recently that I'd been blissfully unaware of...and they've made me realise how much I suck. Eh, whatever, I'll stop feeling sorry for myself now. I've lost nearly $4k in like a week though, so I think it's justified. Time to move down limits for a while I guess.

I just doubled in the FT million with 99 > JJ - maybe things are changing. Final table one time?

...Ha, nono, top two < quads.

FT: $3900
PP/rileys: $500
Stars: $400 (another $600 deposited)

2008 total: $13,750
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $44,350

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