Friday, 14 March 2008

Easter cometh.

Still not going great. Well, it started off good, made 700$ playing 1 set of 12 turbos just after last post, but have since lost that and then some. Which kinda sucks. Feel like I'm playing ok though.

Played a ton of sats on the weekend and didnt win ANY so in semi tilty mode I registered for a bunch of the sunday majors :S which I'm not rolled for. But hey, taking a shot every now and then isnt so bad... except that I didn't have a single cash. Byebye $800.

Just finshed 2 12-turbo 'sets' and ended up $350 or so, so thats something. My roi for the %60 games is hovering between 5-10% at the moment over ~130 games, which is fine, I'd be happy to sustain that. I'm also going to move most of my playing to stars, since their incentives are so much better, even without the rakeback I'm getting at fulltilt. I could get supernova without too much trouble i'm pretty sure.

Got 3 weeks off for easter, so i'm probably going to put in at least a week of high volume playing. I want to get totally robusto for the $60 turbos ASAP.

FT: $4450
PP/rileys: $650 ($3400 withdrawn...some deposited a while ago)
Stars: $600 (800 deposited - will deposit more probably)

2008 total: $15,100
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $45,650

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