Friday, 29 February 2008

End to my first year of poker!

First year playing poker
Time: ~800hrs
Profit: $44,450
$/hr: ~$55/hr.

*cue cheesies reminiscing about poker/lessons learnt*

Not really :) I'll go easy on the waffling. But I will say that I'm very pleased with my first year's playing, and glad I had a great end to it. February was by far my best month, earning just over $12k.

I think I've found my niche for now, and am looking forward to this year! Now that I've been playing for a year, I think I'll start tracking results in terms of calender years, ie: 2008 results. So...

2008 total: $13,900

FT: $5050
PP/rileys: $3400

Lets hope the coming year is as good to me as the last!

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