Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Down some.

Played a few dozen more $60 turbos - not running great in them at the moment. Down about $500 in them, and about $1k over all since last post. Im not too concerned in terms of results, simply that if I hit a serious bad run (say 50 buyins at the turbos, which is easily possible) it would undermine my confidence heavily, and take a large chunk out of my bankroll. I'm not really fully rolled for them anyway, and I'm a bankroll nit, so I'm going to move back down, and try 12-tabling the $33 games. I'll rack up a few thousand games and see how things go.

Nothing to note on the mtt front. I watched some PFX hand histories today, and one in particular of a competant LAG - it was just awesome to watch. He was totally running over the table, it redefined the phrase 'table captain' for me. It made me think that this style, at least in higher buyin games (was a $320 buyin) must be the most effective. He lost some huge races, but he had tons more chips than everyone else so it didnt really matter. I'd really like to try and cultivate a similar style, but it's difficult at the levels I play at... I sound like the donks complaining about playing bad players cos they don't respect raises :D But it's true that a hyper lag style wouldn't be as effective in lower stakes. Something to think about anyway. I don't understand how people get so good at so many variations of poker, it seems like there's a lifetimes worth of learning in mtts alone, never mind sngs/cash/omaha/stud etcetc. Guess some people are just super clever. Or have a lot of time on their hands.

I've redeposited a bit on stars (and will deposit a bit more), and when I get my money from pacific, I'll chuck $1k onto 2 more sites to give a nice range of mtts to choose from. Also I'm sure there are fishier sites than FT for sngs. Maybe back to absolute or pokerroom, or somewhere new like mansion, bodog or party. I really want to get back on the sat trail and play a couple of big sunday tourneys.

FT: $5200
PP/rileys: $3350
Stars: $350 ($450 deposited)

2008 total: $16,400
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $46,950

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