Thursday, 8 May 2008

Long time no post

So! Back to the blog. Bout time I started updating again.

Still haven been able to really settle down. Played turbos for a while, decided to try HU sngs, which went fine for a while, then I got bored, sucked at some mtts, had another quick and painful try at cash, etc. Bust my FT roll (well, withdrew 1k, bust the rest). Played the $1000 wpc event at pacific in which I sucked. Down about $1.5k since I last posted - I just generally havent been playing well recently. Until yesterday when I felt I played well and won a small mtt at PP for ~$350 and came 7th in a $8 rebuy for $1k, so hopefully things are beginning to turn around. I think when I'm on form I could be a good mtt player, I just have week/month long patches where I'm playing my B/C game and I get stuck in a rut. Since I had my heater at the beginning of the year, I'm down about $4.5k, which sucks. But it could be worse - I actually thought it was worse before I crunched the numbers, so I feel ok about it.

Anyway, I'm going to play mtts for a while, with some multi-table sngs too. Nothing too big, my bankroll is recovering from 6 weeks of losing. So probably just the ~$26 games. Hopefully I can string together some decent cashes and get back on track. I need to make some money - going travelling this summer and I have no readily available monies to pay for it.

...yet! :)

FT: $50 ($1000 withdrawn)
PP/rileys: $400 ($1000 deposited)
Stars: $2500

2008 total: $12,700
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $43,300

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