Thursday, 6 December 2007


As usual after a big day I had a bad day yesterday losing ~$180, but today I won it back and a bit more, so no damage done. Played 150 games, and have an overall ROI of 17%+ (including bonus, not including rakeback) so I'm obviously happy with that. My hourly is good too, around $35/hr, especially since I was breakeven after my first 50 games. I suppose it helps that I'm usually at least 5-6 tabling, 7 if there are available games, whereas before I'd be 4-5 tabling usually. I think the 12-tabling turbos experiment helped in that respect, it feels very relaxed - I have time to make notes on players and make better plays this way. I feel I'm playing ok, not great, but enough for now - I feel myself getting back into the rhythm (Sp?) of things which is nice. Found myself tilting slightly more than I used to, but thats the great thing about sngs, if you bustout due to a beat, you're no longer in it to make bad plays. And I never feel like playing after a few beats in sngs, so I just take a break. (or do some of the mountain of uni work I have do...) And once I've played a few hundred more games I feel I'll definately be back to my old pokery self. Yay!

I'll do a full sng update in a few days.

Total: 24250

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