Tuesday, 4 December 2007

on the up

Crushed the sngs today! Mainly because I ran like jesus, but still feels good to book a (very) solid win. Played for 3 hrs (~20games) and made ~$700. Almost doubled the bankroll at absolute! So that's awesome. I'm now properly rolled for the $71 games. Took a few shots at them when I was at around ~$1000-1200, but ran amazingly in them (played 2 9-man games, won both, played 4 6-man, won 2) so that helped. Anyways, long story short, I'm happy about poker. I'm looking forward to being robusto ($3000 would be great) and feeling like I did over the summer about poker in general. Oh man, just looking back and I used to have 8k online! Man I want to be there.

Anyways, gonna keep bit of a record of things again, structure is good for me. Plus running tallies are fun!

estimated total: $24200

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