Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Running goot. (detail update)

Everything just seems to be working at the moment. Played about 5 hours since the mtt win on monday and am up ~$900, in 30sngs. I'm running above average, but it's nice to have some solid wins to get me back on my feet. And I'm playing quite well for the most part which is nice! Took some shots at the $100 sngs at pacific and AP. Wont play all that many at pacific due to lack of rakeback/bonus but the play is sooo weak-tight - it seems very profitable. Though having said this... played 3, won 1 (they pay 3 places, so that means I'm down a bit). I doubt i'll be frequenting the $100 games at AP anytime soon. Generally full of solid regulars, but I've jumped into 2 games of unknowns and took a 1st and a 2nd, so I'll take the odd shot when the games look soft. HU been going well too, not been tilting much like I often did a while back, on a nice run at the moment.

SO yeah, everything's going great, perfect timing for me as a 'return' to poker, and before xmas!

Since 19/11
Sngs: 330
Amount won(sngs): $2870 --- now not inlcluding rakeback/bonus
ROI(not including ra/bo): 23.95%

Amount won(mtts): $3512.25
ROI: 668.36% (:D)

Total: $6643.25
Time: 55hrs
$/hr: 120.79

Probably my best month-long period of results so far, seeing as I haven't played much. Obv the mtt roi isnt anywhere near sustainable, and I doubt the sng one is either, but hopefully it wont drop too much as the variance evens out.

Grand Total: $30150

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