Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Had a bad day on monday - down $550! Played 10 sngs in one session and lost every single one, didnt run much better the rest of the day. Played the $55 30k at pacific and came 23rd/500+ for $195. Meh. Yesterday had a fairly good day. Was up about $100 then was just playing some $20 and $50 HU sngs while watching HSP, and did well and made back lots of what I lost on monday. I might play some more HU sngs, I think if I play properly I could beat them for a decent %. I actually think my HU game at the end of sngs is one of my strengths (e.g. since I started: played 31 $33 6-man games, I've cashed in 15, won 12 - %65 roi sustainable?!?) but that's usually in low M situations; when there's lots of play, like in hu sngs, I tend to get FPS and make silly mistakes. But when I'm playing lots of tables/watching HSP I just play automatically and that works much better.

Just played an hour today and ran very well, won about $400. Absolute roll stands at $2,270, which is nice. It'd be lovely if I could get it to 3k by the end of the year. I doubt it though, have loads of work/xmas to do. I also deposited $600 at pacific - felt like playing some mtts. I've forgotten how fishy the games are there. Such weak fields, the 'big' guaranteed mtts have quite a lot of value. I'm itching for my next big cash too :)

Anyways, poker's going good for now.

Since 19/11
Sngs: 221
Amount won(sngs): $1614
Amount won(mtts): -$110
Total: $1504

Grand Total: $25000 (mini milestone?)


Cottlad said...

Massive milestone mate. Nice 1 :-)

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