Thursday, 13 December 2007

Good day.

Best day I've had in a while, poker-wise. Had a nice run in the sngs, winning $140 in 30mins playing hu sngs before uni. Then came back and won another ~200. While playing these was also playing the 20k gauranteed at pacific. I ran pretty well, winning almost every race and was a big chippo from about 50 left, which continued all the way to the final table. I then went pretty card dead, and stayed about the same in chips until the final 5. Dipped fairly low, then won a key double up 99>aj (ace on turn, 9 on river!) 2 got knocked out, at 3 handed the blinds were high, the big chippo was pushing every hand and I was getting rags. Made a standard push from button, chippo called, I lost. That was that. But still! 3rd/364 for $2000 isn't bad at all - i'm certainly not complaining! I had some pretty good luck to get that far.
A nice boost just before xmas shopping :)

Since 19/11
Sngs: 266
Amount won(sngs): $2057
Amount won(mtts): $1747
Total: $3804

Grand Total: $27300

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