Monday, 17 December 2007

Happy days!

Another great day. Played quite a few sngs, made about $300. Was playing some mtts, got unlucky in some, but also playing the $50 6k at absolute which I play fairly often, and have taken down before. This was like the reverse of the 20k on thursday; the structure of this tourney is great, deepstacked with lots of room to play, so I had very few coinflips, only a few against shortstacks (most of which I lost) and one crucial one in the final 4 TT>AJ. Felt I played very well for the most part and had the chiplead from the last 18 until the end. Bit of a shakey start to HU since I started with a 4.5:1 chiplead and we were even after 20 hands or so, but managed to regroup and take it down for $1840! So a very good few days for poker :)

I now have nearly $6k online which feels great, but I'll probably withdraw some, I'm getting into the investment side of things now and I don't want to keep so much online when it could be in a savings account earning money. As einstein said 'the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest'

Since 19/11
Sngs: 301
Amount won(sngs): $2341.5
Amount won(mtts): $3512.25
Total: $5853.75

I've played 50hrs since 19/11, so my hourly is over $115/hr which is pretty disgusting! Poker is so great at times like this. I must remember these times when I go on 20-buyin downswings.

Grand Total: $29350

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