Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Slow and steady wins the race...

Had a few poor sessions, but recently had a decent session on the sngs and a 90-man win at fulltilt. Up to 150 of the jackpot games, and am almost exactly breakeven (+$500 with RB/bonus). Still too small to tell, but I have a feeling it might be too hard to beat the extra $4 rake for a decent amount... getting an 8% ROI normally is breakeven here, a decent 10% is netting you $1 a game. Not sure that's worth it...certainly not without the incentives. It's weird...there are some players who play those games A LOT, like 12-tabling 6hrs a day, they seems to play ok, and on sharkscope they've played 7-10k games. And are down like 10k. One guy is down $24k over 7000 games. wha?? Seems mental, who grinds like that, for that long at those stakes and loses $24k? I don't understand it. I can understand people who play $400 HU games for the thrill, and lose a ton, but to grind out $60 sngs for hours every day just doesn't seem to fit somehow... maybe these guys are just desperate to win the jackpot.

Anyways, I'll play a few hundred more, see if it's viable, and then most likely just play the regular sngs there. And carry on with the mtts of course. Oh and I deposited on betfair for a promotion they had, some WSOPE freeroll. Starting to wish I hadn't though... still need to earn 250 more points in the next few days.

Fulltilt: $1100
Rileys: $150 (200 deposited)
Stars: $0
AP: $0
Ipoker: $3200
Pokerroom: $1000
Betfair: $150 ($400 deposited)

total online: $5600

LIVE: +$1200

2008 total: $21,000

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