Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ok day

Had a couple of deep runs, finishing 14th in a $55 mtt on pokerroom, and 21st in one on FT, and had a final table with I busted 7th for $380. Slightly frustrating, but most of them were coolers, didn't take any beats in them so don't feel too annoyed. Doing pretty well on the jackpot sngs, up ~$450 on them today. Just a matter of time before I get a run going, 6 top 2's should be doable, especially since I haven't been playing them much - am going grind them alot more from now on I think.

edit: decided to track these sngs, just pulled up my tourney histories; I'm almost exactly even over 67 games (up $7 lol). Bonus/RB mean I'm up a couple of hundred overall. Obviously tiny sample, but I thought I'd done better than that... I'll play a few hundred and see. Maybe the extortionate rake isnt really beatable for a decent amount.

Fulltilt: $1500
Rileys: $0
Stars: $0
AP: $0
Ipoker: $2450 ($3700 withdraw)
Pokerroom: $1000

total online: $4950

LIVE: +$1200

2008 total: $20,950

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