Thursday, 14 August 2008


Long day yesterday. Played 2 sessions, which lasted ~5hrs each. First one ended up getting deep in quite a few, again busting a lot, (more KK < AQ/AJ) but made the final table of a $5 rebuy, busting 5th for ~$500. Bust kinda stupidly, which was disappointing, but a decent cash. Only ended up a few hundred on that session though - deposited on pokerroom and ipoker, lost quite a bit from each.

Then the night session, once again got deep in a couple - 16k freezout, which I ended up busting in 27th/1100 (SIGH) on a flip, and a $5 6max rebuy. I had a MONSTER stack (300bbs+) just after the rebuy period (1st hand after break managed to get it in good with TT on 85xcc board for 250bbs...<3 rebuys) cruised along chipping up, then down to last 3 tables I lost KK < Ax AIPF for big pots 3 times (2 of them were runner runner). Survived each time though, scraped to final table where my luck changed and won K2 > K8 and A8 > AK to take me to HU. We were 40bbs deep when hu so it was a grind, opponent was good but no match :P Ship the $2100!

Soooo satisfying. I've been getting deep a lot, feels great to finally close one out. Seems I've been getting deep in a lot of rebuy tourneys. They're great, allow for lots of play and the ones on FT don't have too many runners and so dont go on for 9hrs.

Been playing well and putting in a lot of volume, though I'm noticing leaks I think... late stages often around a 10-20bb stack I tend to 3bet allin alot over late position raises (with any hand I'd open raise with basically), but I think i'm doing it too wide. Lots of players tighten up insanely in the late stages, and I consistantly find myself getting called and being dominated. Also people have taken to open limping big hands with shortish stacks behind them (maybe just me? lol) to induce the shove. Which I often do...

Anyways, probably going to carry on what i've been doing - if I can keep getting to final few tables with this regularity hopefully some more nice scores are on the way.

Fulltilt: $4000
Rileys: $0 ($150 deposited)
Stars: $0 ($300 deposited)
AP: $0 ($300 withdrawn)
Ipoker: $50 ($500 deposited)
Pokerroom: $0 ($250 deposited)

Wow. Didnt realise I made that many deposits. And lost them all. Hm. Need to bankroll manage better on new sites.

LIVE: +$1200

2008 total: $16,950
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $47,550

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