Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Just finished unbelievably frustrating session, but I'll write about the last few days first.

Had a pretty terrible sunday. Satted into a load of big majors - $300 big deal on pokerroom, sunday warmup, PP 80k, 250k on ipoker, and played the FTOPS 24, and a ton of smaller ones. Cashed in one (one!) for $150 or something. Was pretty damn tired and not playing well at all, towards the end was tilting so bad was just open shoving every hand of the last few tourneys to get it over with.

Played again monday feeling better to begin with but started feeling a bit of the tilt set it, and again towards the end of session started to get 'lets bust this ****' syndrome. So had a break today and started playing this evening and felt a lot better, playing well and not tired, and no tilt. Having said that, bust most of my tourneys fairly early, ended up with a minor cash in a $75 (lost huge pot QQ < 88 to put me in top 5 with 60 left and then a big flip TT < AJs against the table donk) which left me with 2 games - $26 mtt which I again bust on a flip and a $33 8.5k on ipoker. Ran really well last few tables, won a few sizeable flips and 60/40s (and 40/60s) to give me a huge chiplead going into FT. FLopped quad aces early on to have 1/2 the chips in play 8 handed, cruised to 3 handed with 2/3 chips, then promptly lose A4s < J8o and AJs < A9o to the same guy within 3 hands to go joint 2nd, then shove 10bbs with A2s, and get called by new chippo with JJ and thats that.

WTF? How to I not take that down? Or at least get HU for a minimum cash of 1.3k? ARG.

Having said that the ~$800 is very useful, and makes up for some of the losses of the last few days. Coming 1st makes up for all of it and puts me over 50k total. Sigh.

Fulltilt: $2950
Rileys: $
Stars: $0 ($150 deposited)
AP: $0
Ipoker: $1550
Pokerroom: $900

total online: $5400

LIVE: +$1200

2008 total: $18,350
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $48,950

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