Friday, 8 August 2008

Live donkaments ftw!

Well I've been in sheffield for the last few days sorting out uni stuff. Got my keys to my house for next year, which is great, except when I got there there was no phone, no internet and no hot water. And I lost my mobile. It felt very odd being totally disconnected from the outside world... you kind of take it for granted normally. Also meant I had to unregister from the FTOPS events I'd satted for which was very annoying as I was looking forward to them, but I might buy in to some others instead with the T$.

Anyways, went out to the casino every night with a mate who plays a lot. In short: £50 1r+1a, ok stack at end of rebuy, card dead, ninja-shortstack, chopped a pot after guy slowrolled KK preflop against my A6 allin shove, he flops a set - flushed board ftc (I laughed lots), went out A6 < AK aipf, flop a 6 river brings the resuck, bust 14th, top 8 pay.

£10r, halarious, 1000chip rebuys, didnt rebuy, ok stack at end of rebuy, ridic card dead, double with AA, miss 15 outs in a big pot, bust standard in 14th top 10 pay. (pattern at all...?)

£30 + £20r, didnt rebuy, ok stack at end of rebuy, redic card dead, ninja, etcetc but this time chip up a bit with some nice hands and then win monster pot 11 handed (with JJ, 3 way allin on 359 flop - they flip 66 and A4...), chippo going to FT, obv cheesies ftw :P Ship the £800!

So that was pretty satisfying. Promtply lost a buyin and a half in a super juicy £1/£1 game, so all in all I think I ended up about £450 just for poker, although probably more like £350 for the trip overall, including taxis/food/bought some dvds, etc. Still, pretty happy with the result. Was slightly anxious on the train home carrying my laptop and nearly £1k in cash though!

So, online I'll carry on satting to bigger events, hopefully have a decent sunday. And I'll probably research the live scene in bristol a bit more. Live play bores me senseless but I cant argue with the potential for money making, the players are just so piss poor. Shame they're so bloody irratating too.

Fulltilt: $2200 (including ftops T$)
Rileys: $50
Stars: $0
AP: $250

LIVE: +$1200 (includes some older cashes, total is minus expenses, e.g. taxis)

2008 total: $16,150
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $46,750

Just realised how much I want to break 50k. I've been hovering around 45 for months now and I want to actually show some progress. Tentative goal for the summer...

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