Tuesday, 12 August 2008

This is getting silly.

Yep, did it again. Got deep in a bunch of tourneys and bust like 14th in all of them. ARG. 2 of them were rebuys ($5 and $20) bust 12th in the $5 running A7s into AK and 20th in the $20 when KK < AQs AIPF for 40bbs. Also bust a few 90player fts early against 4 outers, etc.

It's so frustrating...I can feel a big score coming, I'm playing great for the most part, just a matter of time. Wish it would hurry up though, I'm starting to worry about my bankroll again.

oh and in the last 90 player of the night I mentioned yesterday, I busted 8th losing 2 40/60s in a row, whcih I was fine about, except I missed 1 hand getting a drink - had kings, 2 allins, I would flop quads, lol.

Sigh. Back to it tomorrow I guess.

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