Monday, 11 August 2008

for the love of god...

man I hate this game sometimes. Got down to final few tables in a $20 rebuy and 9.5ko on ft, bust both, the ko QQ<99 for huge pot, the rebuy was in top 3, then guy who was shoving at least once, usually twice per round for 15-20bbs and had stolen my blinds lots open shoves the button, I call bb with a8 for 15bbs, he flips a9 - sigh. Think it was a good call though. Then run AK into AA and i'm crippled.

Also final tabled a 90 player, bust out first hand of the final table AK < AT, and got to final 2 tables, busting again.


last game still going, ft of a 90 player again...just lost big pot though, down to 7th.



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