Saturday, 19 July 2008

Slow progress

Been fairly swingy, probably because I'm playing lots of the super turbos, which are just insane - I can play 40/hr easily. Had quite a few breakeven/losing sessions, but just finished a good 90minute session, and am up about $400 since last post. Probably played about 10hours or so.

*waffle warning* - mostly thinking on paper, may be tedious.

While AP's recent 'fame' thing is actually worse in terms of incentives, I might try and concentrate on it. Think I might play an absolute TON next month (for which there might be a 2k bonus in diamond form...?) - like 4 hours a day minimum, 7 tabling (when I can, the traffic isn't that high at ap all the time, so I can fill it in with the super turbos at tilt) If I can play 40sngs a day I should make the diamond elite thing. Which doesnt actually look that good, but whatever. All it takes is 15/hour for 3 hours, should be fairly doable... just motivation is the problem I guess. However, I'm doing a crazy sleep thing at the moment (google polyphasia), just for fun, but it means I have loads of free time, so hopefully I should make it.

Having said all this, I just figured out I could make at least $40/hr playing the super turbos, and the 40/hr figure is based on only playing the $15s, which I dont, and it's based on a 7% ROI (it's 9% atm - I like being cautious...). So it could be quite a bit more than that.

Ahh, decisions decisions.

AP: $750
FTP: $1100

2008 total: $13,400
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $44,000


Nick said...

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Cottlad said...

Still no clearer mate. Does it mean you just go to sleep multiple times in a day? Another easier description would be 'lazy fooker' lol. I've been a 'polyphasic' all my life! :-)

Cheesies said...


Yeah, basically I sleep for 20mins every 4 hours, thereby sleeping 2 hours a day.

Long story short: it involves 2 weeks of sleep deprivation, then you 'adapt' and are the same as with 8 hrs sleep, and have 6 more hours to play poker each day :D

That's the theory anyway, barely any testing done on it, but lots of anecdotal evidence that it works. Just doing it cos I'm curious really.

Cottlad said...

I think u should start a thread in PFU. Interesting stuff.
I'd waste half an hour trying to get to sleep every time though.