Tuesday, 22 July 2008

oh the pain

Well yesterday I lost ~35 buyins, in 80 games, in 2 hours. After that I rocked in the fetal position muttering and twitching.

I'd been on a good run beforehand, so it leaves me down about $100 since last post. Still, fairly depressing. I've no doubt I can crush these superturbos but this kind of variance is nuts - if something similar happens again I could get near busto at fulltilt which would really suck. So maybe I should go back to mtts. Except my weird sleeping pattern kind of prevents it - I'd have to take breaks in the middle of games.

Meh, this sucks.

Edit: Big congrats to idi0 at pfu, who just took down the fulltilt 40k for $15k! Fantastic result. Am very, very jealous :)

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