Sunday, 27 July 2008

frustrating but decent sunday

Played the million on stars, the brawl, 750k and 40k on fulltilt, 80k at pacific and the 75k at absolute, and a handful of other random ones.

Made two decent runs. Got deep in the brawl, down to 90, then lost a massive race to put me in top 5 with JJ
Then was the million, played a ninja shortstack for hours, got aces at a few timely spots and had average chips with 300 left. My bustout hand:
raise to 2.2x with qks, bb calls. Flop 9Tx with the flush draw, guy bets small, I raise big, he calls.

Turn A, he checks I ship it, he tanks and calls with... 95s (with the flush draw). I miss.

BAH! Should've raised a little less on the flop to give me more FE on the turn, but still, very annoying. 95s? grrrrrrr

Anyway, cashed for $1k in that. So I definately feel it could've been a lot better, but having a winning sunday is a nice change. If I keep it all online I'll actually have a bankroll again which is a great feeling, although I need to withdraw some as I have very little cash available.

Fulltilt: $2.2k
Rileys: $100 ($300 deposited)
Stars: $1000
AP: $100 (200 withdrawn)

I also have $500 coming when I turn up at the million challenge tourney in london.

2008 total: $14,850
Grand total (since 01/03/07): $45,450

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